Dev Talk: Year-End Update

    • Dev Talk: Year-End Update

      2020 was Albion's biggest year yet, with numerous patches and updates, a host of major new features, and an ever-growing player population. In the final Dev Talk of the year, Game Director Robin Henkys looks back at the past year in the world of Albion before looking ahead to what's coming in 2021.

      Note: this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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    • These new options seem to pick the best of other games and I like it! Can't wait to see if trade contracts get implemented and any change to make to add more interesting PVE content is always welcome.
      New mount abilities could also be dope but I wonder how to balance them around currently existing mounts.

      btw please don't add more to the destiny board until the UI is better it's already massive.
    • Keep up the good work SBI

      Take a Good 2 Weeks rest. for the holidays

      The Gaming community can wait 2 weeks + 2.5 months until this season end for the next update.

      One more thing, i am going to start on my Albion Expansion Idea 4 to add more of my ideas for you to explore

      After seeing the effort you put so much into this video to make us all happy with the many Epic Promising features you will add next year. i will also do my part contributing my ideas

      Here is some of my older work in case you missed them

      Albion online expansion idea 3 link: Albion Online Expansion Idea 3

      Albion online expansion idea 2 link: Albion Online Expansion Idea 2
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    • Good Morning,
      Thanks for this wonderful game, I am mainly a craftsman in the game for lack of fps and ping, but I love crafting and the economy.
      I saw in the video that they talked about the creation of legendary items. As these items are legendary, I want to contribute these ideas:
      For an item in any known game to classify as legendary it would have to provide new and more statistical abilities.

      In Albion I suggest the following, a legendary item could have:
      1. a new skill on the Q or W or E.
      2. be a new quality that is above Master Piece which would increase the item power.
      3. Being a new quality, having a too low probability of leaving.

      But to be legendary you have to honor the word as it has always been in all games.
    • Hey,
      Thanks for the game SBI !
      I just took the survey but I am kinda afraid there are no proper answers, which can suit my state of mind.
      Some examples :
      - When it is asked on which subject I wanna see more content, should I pick stuff I like to do in the current state of the game, because I wanna see more of those, or stuff I don't like to do currently on the game, hoping the new content on thoses would be different enough of what already exists, to make me loving it ?
      - On the satisfaction of the changes during 2020, my opinion is mixed about the subjects, which can't be reflected into a general mark about 2020 changes, as the changes, like it is said in the video, where numerous.

      Thanks and happy end of the year !
    • No talk of actual queue wars when the state of zvz is a literal shit show? :/

      It doesn't matter what you do to try to "split the large alliances" in order to make them fight multiple objectives - the game is too big and the form-ups are so large every single timer probably has some sort of cluster queue fight.

      Implement a cluster queue war/fight system, allow people to fight, allow gear to get trashed. The current queue jumping mechanic is extremely jarring and buggy.
    • Hoping to see some updates to the new player experience and the tutorial too. Although to be honest, a 'Use all' button could be the only thing they put out next year and I'd still be hyped
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    • Tipx wrote:

      Hoping to see some updates to the new player experience and the tutorial too. Although to be honest, a 'Use all' button could be the only thing they put out next year and I'd still be hyped
      Hopefully we will know their plans for Albion Academy closer to its potential launch date. Any feature that helps turn Albion's Learning Cliff into something more manageable is good for everyone new or veteran.
    • Very nice and interesting video. Hearing about new content is always exciting but as we know we can't split gamers time into multiple places at the same time.

      IMO this year developments filled what was missing the most - solo players content and now anything we add to the game, won't bring more players. So the focus should be to improve quality of each of the player profiles, whether it's PVE player, ZvZ player, Crafter, Small scale pvp, GvG players, Gankers, Red-Zone PvPers/FW enthusiasts, gatherers etc. etc.

      I would like you to think about new content, from player perspective.

      So for instance, I am zvz player, I am already famed to full. The only way to have more zvz players is to enhance quality of their time (like improving cluster queue, making battle preparations shorter, improve quality of battles, maybe working on performance and extending map capacities). This way more and more people who tryout the game will stay with it to play that content. As the only requirement to play zvz is to have max specs, only expanding the tree will make them return to PvE. Improving PvE won't create more ZvZ players.

      So when planning a roadmap, think about player profiles, don't try to make too much because we simply won't have the time to play it. Example of 2020 developments - You expanded the map by a vast continent - Avalonian Roads. Indeed, some players might play the game exclusively for this and only this content, but I doubt it. What negative impact it had on the other content? Well, some players instead of wandering through black zones are now spread over 50% more 'space'. Travel time and risk has dropped basically to 0. You can travel within 2 maps from Avalon center to the red zones, this is broken. Who loses? Everyone, because players movement through the open world fuels economy, balancing risk vs reward makes the game exciting, differs black zones from red zones. etc. etc.

      The message here is that no new content will fix what's broken, you won't improve players interaction without spending a lot of effort and analyzing what's really happening with current product. Maybe I am not seeing the picture, because new content is a great advertisement and this generates income. But I also think that Albion is such a great game, that it advertises itself. We are far from 2018 where player base was all-times-low and we had to worry about it. IMO it's time for SBI to make albion a complete product, review what's working what's not, maybe even removing something if it's not possible to fix it instead of keeping at all costs in the game.

      Example? HCE, Normal Expeditions. What is the reasoning behind keeping this content in the game? It was good when we didn't have: solo dungeons, corrupted dungeons, revamped group dungeons, cgvg, roaming mobs, revamped world bosses, avalon dungeons. I know it was a lot of development and HCE is great, but it's PVE player time, time which before HCE he had to go and play in the open world, either blue yellow red or black zones and be part of global open world population.

      So to sum up - try to focus more on player profiles, don't try to push more content into the game unless that's marketing goal and focus more on improving quality of each player profiles gameplay. Quality over quantity :) More content means players will have to resign from something because MMORPG players won't spend more with the game, usually they spent all the time they have.

      I will try to spend some time during Christmas to write something more comprehensive because due the COVID pandemic I have spent countless hours playing Albion this year and I have a lot of examples of my gameplay that I could share to ensure you are aware of current state of the game, as always from my personal perspective.

      So as always,
      Thanks for doing a great job and good luck in the future :)