Solo Dungeon Stealing

    • Solo Dungeon Stealing

      So i started to play Albion 10 Days ago started as gatherer and became a friend of solo PVE content i mostly do T5 Random dungeons.

      But every now and then you have people just join your dungeon and they stay back or atleast try to and just pop in when you get to a boss and just ninja it away.
      Why is this allowed? Why do i get the massage you didnt kill enough Minions to loot that chest but some Random guy can just leech my dungeon and grab my loot?

      "Edit: I would also like to know if this is "normal" or if i can do anything like report the players or something"

      And yes i could just kill him but i don't want to be forced to PVP in my Solo PVE content.

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    • You have to fight for it, when that happens.

      I would advise going to a T5 black zone (non-portal zone). You can zone into a solo dungeon and wait at the entrance for 90(?) seconds before the entrance closes outside (zone out if someone else enters).

      It may sound counter-intuitive, but T5 black zones are less populated than their royal zone counterparts.
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    • Thanks for the Tipp but at this point i will most likely drop PVE. Dungeon farming was my money maker these past days and i like to just spamm them and get as many as i can but if there is no rule or anything against others just stealing the stuff i did all the work for than i dont see a reason to keep it up. And i don't go into PvP zones every time i did i was killed in less than 2min by groups of 3+ people.

      PVE seems kinda solo player unfriendly with all the stealing and 24/7 ganking in red/black zones.
    • The dungeon entrances literally despawn after 90 seconds or something like that. You cannot get much safer than it already is. Agiain it is not "stealing" this is a game about competition people fight over resources, fame, land, etc. If you see someone else spawn in your dungeon within that 90 seconds you get to choose whether to fight for it or just move onto the next.
    • Wait 90 seconds to see if no Greifer comes into your dungeon and steals your loot while you kill trash. Yeah that sounds fair, force people to PVP in a PVE dungeon cause they can just invade my dungeon and steal with no punishment or anything.

      I would get this if it where red or black zones but its yellow where i have to FLAG for PVP so why is there nothing i can do against people just stealing what i worked for? I didn't choose to go into a PVP zone where the rules state that you can lose your loot and gear i choose to stay in yellow cause i want to keep the stuff i work for.

      If you don't see the problem with me spending my time to clear a dungeon and another guy just coming in killing my endboss and looting my chest than i don't know what to say anymore.
    • Solreth wrote:

      Time is money, why would i waste 90sec. The SOLO dungeon system is bad and should be changed.
      wait longer at the start then a 1 layer dungeon takes to complete sounds totaly normal.
      Before they brought in the 90 sec despawn timer, you would have had a hard time finding ANY yellow zone dungeons that hadn't already been cleared. It's been made EASY for you now. And try yellow zones that aren't connected directly to your city - way less activity there and less chance of having your dungeon stolen.
    • It is a PvP game and yellow zone is good practice, If someone pops in your dungeon wait for them to get a bit ahead, flag up and rock them mate, Teach them a lesson for trying to invade your dungeon.
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    • I don't think it is profitable for a player to run the whole dungeon just for the boss.

      I'd clear the entry as fast as possible with my most powerful gear instead of waiting for no people for 60 sec., so that dungeon stealers don't know how far I go, and they may end up running for an empty dungeon.