Phaedrian Empire is Recruiting

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    • Phaedrian Empire is Recruiting

      Phaedrian Empire is Recruiting!
      Come join the head guild of the Royal Alliance!

      Currently based out of Lymhurst
      NA majority community (not exclusively)
      English Speaking Guild

      Phaedrian Empire is openly recruiting active players that enjoy PVP and PVE content. We are a guild that focuses on creating strong players. Tired of mega guilds? Looking to improve in PvP? Want to be a part of a close-knit community? PE is happy to have you aboard. The guild activities we currently offer include: ZvZ, Faction Warfare, Fame Farms, Ganking/Gathering (black zone roaming), Hellgates, In-house 5v5 scrims, Avalonian roads and many more! We are a competitive guild that hopes to create a strong community of diverse players. Our active players and officers currently are strong well-experienced players. We’re looking to recruit players who are interested in learning to be silver sufficient and hope to be a part of a community that loves PvP as much as we do. So please come on by and see if the Phaedrian Empire could be your new home.

      • Currently have a hideout with access to a large number hidouts in the black zone
      • Lymhurst based guild
      • Strong NA presence but have people from all parts of the world
      • Low guild tax 10% ( Guild tax is used to fund guild reimbursed events and hidout)
      • Activities including but not exclusive to: Ganking/Gathering, ZvZ, GvG, 5v5 scrims, Dungeon Diving.
      • No required donations
      • Regears for Mandatory CTA’s
      1. Active players that want to participate in guild events.
      2. Discord mandatory w/ use of mic (Don’t be shy!)
      3. Ability to speak or understand English.
      Always searching for players that enjoy PVP

      Stop by our discord for more info

      Or contact our officers:

      Unholysaint @Unholysaint#2196

      Baron @BaronMcKracken#0710

      Or our Guild Master:

      T4zzy @TAZZY#0705

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