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    • Skip Overcrowded Clusters

      Hello Albion Community,
      Here is a more detailed breakdown of how the skipping of Overcrowded clusters works. Just to make sure all guilds know all the details before the start of Season 11. :)
      When a cluster is overcrowded, the Smart Cluster Queue activates for that cluster. Players who attempt to enter the overcrowded cluster get a popup menu with the following options:
      • Queue for the cluster (See Manual Cluster Queueing), or
      • Skip the overcrowded cluster and jump to a connected cluster.
      Skip Overcrowded Cluster Basics
      • After clicking "Skip Cluster", you get a selection of all connected clusters
      • After you selected one of the clusters you will be teleported to the connecting entrance of that cluster
        • Upon arrival you receive the regular shield bubble, as if you had moved to that cluster via an exit
        • After arrival, you won't be able to skip the overcrowded cluster again for 30 seconds
      • You can either queue for a cluster or skip it. You can't do both at the same time. You can, however, skip a cluster and directly queue from the new entrance again.
      Skipping Multiple Clusters
      • If the selected cluster is also overcrowded, you get a selection of all the connected clusters for that overcrowded cluster as well
        • In this way, you can skip two or more connected overcrowded clusters
        • All the basics from above also apply when skipping multiple clusters
      Related Cluster Queue Adjustment
      • Queueing Exit Distance: 100m -> 300m
      The queueing distance for overcrowded clusters has been increased. This allows players who are waiting in the queue, to spread out further in the cluster and they don't need to clump so close on the entrance anymore.


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    • I'm a bit confused - so according to the new cluster/priority queue system, each alliance has a certain "weighting" depending on how many members they have.

      So in layman's terms; if alliance A has 600 people and alliance B has 400 people, would this mean that alliance A would get substantially more people in?

      If this is the case, then why on earth are rats still a thing in large scale zvz? Why is a small group of rats (1-4) with zero weighting are allowed in the fight zone? In my opinion, they contribute absolutely nothing to the fight other than being there for the sake of griefing.