Is Crossbow + Leather armor build usable?

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    • Is Crossbow + Leather armor build usable?

      First of all, I'm totally new to this game, so now, when I've reached an access to T4 equipment, I decided to pair crossbows (heavy or boltcasters, trying to decide, which i prefer more, as far as I can judge, boltcasters do more DPS in solo target, while heavy is counter-caster thing with AoE damage) and leather armor (for now only basic types, choose it due to leather armor helmets and body armor attack speed passive buff).
      But when I tried to search some crossbow builds on site, I haven't found any of builds with leather armor. As I can understand, all of them utilize cloth armor high damage modifier in cost of surviability.
      To understand, what I'm looking for: solo build with medium-high ranged damage and at least average toughness. Will it work, or crossbowmen are only usable as "glass cannons"?
      Thanks for your attention.
    • You can play however you want, make your own build, go with that and be happy, so, in short, yes, it is usable.

      However, you won't find many builds with crossbows + leather armor because to fame farm (aka getting as much XP in as little time) effectively cloth is recommended. You are right, you'll become a glass canon and your survivability will depend on you killing mobs before they kill you. Then you use a soup for HP regen so your life is full for the next pack of mobs and you keep on going. Most builds use royal sandals, druid robe and royal hood (this one is leather).

      You activate the robe, then your hood, wait for max % and use your sandals, then dish out as much damage as possible with your E and Q. Light crossbow (with muisak or cryptcandle in the offhand) or boltcasters are the best.

      Alternatively, if you really with to use only leather, you can use royal hood, stalker jacket and ANY leather shoes with refreshing sprint active skill. If you find yourself lacking mana, you can switch the thetford cape for lymhurst or you can switch royal hood for scholar cowl with energy shield active skill.

      There are a lot more combinations depending on play style, but these are pretty simple and effective.