What tier do I need to be able to fight back 1v1 situations?

    • What tier do I need to be able to fight back 1v1 situations?

      Hello, I'm starting to play on black zone, the silver I get from doing solo dungeons and a little bit of gathering is awesome! Even tho I always die if people gank me (tier 3 horse), but sometimes people want to engage in 1v1 and I always run away because they always have 400+ hp than me.

      I usually run with t4.1-5, is that IP enough to be able to fight? Of course if I see a player with 3.4k hp I won't even try, but something around 2.5k might be beatable (I usually have 2-2.1k hp).
    • Until you've acquired a better understanding of the various skills used for PvP, how to position yourself, which weapons to use, have a high spec or be able to "lose" your gear several times without hurting your economy, you better off not engaging anyone. You might perceive a build with 2,5k HP as "beatable", but it will probably be a kitting build or a glass cannon that'll make you either die a slow and agonizing death or die so fast you won't even know what happened.

      You can train yourself watching PvP/ganking guides, battling at the arena or dueling someone (NEVER duel for silver unless you trust the other person).

      You can fight pretty well with t4 enchanted gear, but only if you have high specs in the weapon (high spec in armor is good too, but not as important if you're a DPS) and if said weapon is a viable PvP one.

      All in all my point is: if you don't know what you're doing, better to run.