to fit in...

    • to fit in...

      Hello everyone,

      Albion hooked me hopelessly for almost a month now and i do not see an end in sight.
      To my personal shame, i have been guild hopping almost weekly - this is new to me.
      It was also my fault, should have been more clear about what i expect and also stay suspicious - weird times weird people.

      Priest staffs and cloth armor is my combat focus and i am a gatherer of all resources and craft most of what i use as a tool and mage tower crafter.

      I'm pretty desperately looking for people of the right mentality.
      I do not care about time efficiency - and most people i met so far seem to want to try to be speed runners...
      Hardcore Expeditions are amazing, but i despise people who are wannabe elitists. To me HCEs are just cool challenging dungeons.
      PvP is amazing as well, but just ganking gets really old really quick for me - i would prefer tactical fights in groups and war maneuvers applied for albion.
      Who knows, maybe i can be part of a guild who takes a city one day? For me, the sky is the limit.
      Fail with dignity - overcome relentlessly!

      I'm 37 years old from germany - mmo history of various games. Albion makes me feel like i am coming home.
      If somebody can imagine that their community could fit me in, please contact me. I feel unstoppable alone, but slow - and i can achieve nothing i want by myself.
      I would probably fit better into a more mature community that has a more broader scope of things in the game and is looking for competence in their members and not just look for a match to one of the average meta guides out there.

      =) I love to chat with people and get to know them, make friends, just leave me alone if meta and efficiency is dominant in your mind - do not waste your time on me please. Also spare me ...