New Axe Q jump range is not 9m

    • True. I just tested it. The range should be 9m, but it´s more about 6-7m.

      It can easily be tested with royal shoes, for their jump is 9m and you can clearly see there is clearly a distance.

      This ability hits at 9m i suppose, but character jumps to around 6-7m

      here it can be clearly seen if you compare Q on axes and F on shoes.

      Also, this is similar with avalonian axe, but even worse. Ava axe says range 10m, though it doesnt say leap 10m - just range 10m. So it hits to 10m for sure, but the character moves almost the same distance as new axe Q, maybe even less than the new Q.

      I suppose it has something to deal with the particular animation on these abilities, since animations are both pretty much the same

      If it says 9m, should be 9m - not 6-7m

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