The state of Botting

    • The state of Botting

      It really doesn't take long to find a bot, step out of Thetford and there are over 40 in the zones near the gate. Nothing is being seen to be done, they continue bringing the fish and seaweed market down. I do make money on roads and gear though....... What? F them. You now have a dedicated Bot Squad of players who routinely knock them down in yellows or into mob paths, within one week though these simple bots became more complex, they now walk to the nearest water source using one of the four radar hacks, they also respond now with chat question marks. You have speed hacking gathers who now fly through the zones speed gathering, stripping resources and selling them, a lot of them on Facebook sites as well as the other more know sites for that kinda shit. Also you have group dungeon bots who follow the Tank player controlled round and attack the hostiles as the healer rotates healing onto the tank, they are levelling up fame so they can look more legit when botting whilst gathering.

      You are losing players and you are losing real life cash, there are big alliances, who have guilds of bots in for deniability billions of silver being farmed at no risk apart from the few banned.

      I have almost given up reporting them now, I have actually almost given up on your ability to deal with them, you need 3 people investigating full time, going to the bot, observing, insta ban, onto the next, character creation needs to be looked at, connections need to be looked at, Just walk out of Thetford, any gate you like and there will be 10 bots minimum. ?( :!: :?:
    • nyanpower wrote:

      Trial_hard wrote:

      Remove blue and yellow zones, no fishing from guild / private island

      Problem solved
      and the only thing you gonna fix now is how to stop the game from dying
      that's easy man, u change the loot rule, and in yellow and blue u can loot all inventory collected resources but no gear and no gathering tools

      But to be honest, what happens in blue and yellow in red is even as I am solo player not my concern

      Just tried to be helpful