Any insight about how CD modifiers / Cast time modifiers diminishing returns works?

    • Any insight about how CD modifiers / Cast time modifiers diminishing returns works?

      All in the title. For thoses who doesn't know about that, the value shown on your general stats is different than what the item tooltip says.

      The more CD/Cast time it gives the more the differential is bigger. There is some exeption to this rule, the most known one being the CD/Cast time foods (omelette) gets full value if it's the only item that gives you thoses modifiers. You have also the royal jacket and the scholar robe that gives you full value if it's the only item.

      At first i though the formula was as simple as the one used for armor / magic resistance/ cc resistance that calculates your physical / magical damage / cc mitigation (x/x+100) with the CD and cast time modifier shown on tooltip in an fancy way (example 15% cd reduction on an mistcaller actually means 15 points of cd reduction) but the results doesn't correspond.

      Then i though the mitigation was based on how many items / spell / etc provides you with that bonus with one item giving you full value, 2 items and more get's mitigation with a scaling but i got a situation when 1 item with 5% cd get's 5% cd modifier and then an 19% cd get's 16% cd modifier so that's not the case either.

      I have no clue of how this works and i ask thoses nerdy bois that know how it works (that means the formula) if you can enlighten me about it.

      Ty :thumbsup:
    • I'm surprised no one has any clue about that. It just proove that some formulas are too overcomplicated. The more i think about it the more i believe that both cast time modifier and cooldown modifier formulas should work the same way as armor / magic resistance formula (x/x+100).
    • All values are individual based on the result of the previous reduction.

      Example: 10% reduction from food and 10% from a gear passive.

      A 30s cooldown spell would get to 27s from food then to 24.3s from passive and so on.

      Something i also noticed is that skills that reduce cd are also affected by it.

      Shoes sprint that reduce cooldown, if you have 0 cd reduction, reduces cooldown by three seconds.
      But if you have 10% reduction it drops to 2.7s (same thing for basically all skills like that, like assassin hood, royal jacket, etc.)

      Please note that this is based on my own testing, and the reality may be different.