Clarent or great-axe - discussion

    • Clarent or great-axe - discussion

      Hey guys,

      Recently I started to wonder what is the most efficient PvE build for clearing solo dungeons.

      I have been playing swords for some time and for clearing dungs i am using clarent sword + hellion jacket + leather shoes and scholar cowl. However, recently I watched nice video showing great-axe in action and it seems to me that clear speed is much higher with that weapon rather then with clarent. Therefore, I was curious what is your opinion about it and what do you use for clearing dungs and how efficient it is.

      Would you recommend me switching from clarent to great-axe solely for the purpose of quick clear?

      How is the great axe on bosses? Would I do it without any problems?

      Thanks for any comments

    • I played great axe till 100/100, great axe is the best for pve but useless in pvp so i "re-spec" and threw all the fame into carving sword, I'm much happier now being capable of doing pve and small scale pvp.
      When i look back i feel like i wasted so much time with great axe.

      I think sword tree has much more potential for all types of content, i would keep playing swords till i have all swords maxed out, but that is my personal opinion(and goal).

      But yes great axe is awesome for pve, if you don't mind being slaughtered by EVERYONE who cross your way go ahead.
    • Luky wrote:

      So basically you are saying that if I have around 250/700 in swords and 0/700 in axes it is not worth switching and just continue with the swords?
      Yep, if you are already 250/700 keep playing swords. Swords are great man, you can do corrupted dungeons with claymore, open world/small scale pvp with carving, pve with carving/clarent, hg with dual swords and zvz with galatines. Sword probably has the best weapon tree in this game, you can do all the contents only playing swords.

      Again great axe is great for pve, the best, but i don't miss it at all, as i said if you don't mind die like a potato, go ahead.
    • obvisouly greataxe all the way. Clarent is slow.

      Also, you can do pve in Corrupted Dungeons - just escape when ur dived. It´s the best. Especially above 100k points, but you need to do some pvp first, and you also need spec ( otherwise you wouldnt be able to farm efficiently at above 100k). You can try the basic t6 corrupted for fame, idk how good it is.

      But as axes or swords - axes offer much , much faster speed at clearing
      My YT channel - Solo greataxe killing everything
    • Great Axe is terryfingly fast. If what you want is a fast grind and chain dungeons, Great Axe is most likely the best option (The speed active on W plus bonus speed on E empowers the clear speed so a lot). But, if what you want is to use a weapon you like, go Sword, or Spear, or anything! You don't need to play Great Axe just because is "fast"
    • Swords line has more utility for different IG activities
      Axes would be slightly buffed soon
      Also look into spears - pretty nice and would be buffed hardly soon
      Even now smart spear build has same clear speed like swords and axes while is much more effective in pvp because you could ff spears in straightly pvp build without any mana regen or sustain items(via great dps and hp sustain coming from auto attacks)
      In terms of upcoming nearly 15% damage buff it should get your attention

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    • Greataxe is popular, people think its quick but there are much quicker clears available, it comes down to price of gear though. Greataxe is cheap, with the axe Q changes it gimps the dps slightly in Greataxe if you use the new Q, but drastically improves the other axes, Halberd is a monster.
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