Farm Math? Oh Pie...

    • Farm Math? Oh Pie...


      I am looking for help with some Farming math.

      Several of my guild mates have donated island plots so that I may utilize them to make Pork Pie for our H.O. in the roads.

      Currently, I have 30 farm plots available to me.

      I am using 6 for pigs, 2 for Sheep milk, 5 for corn, 7 for wheat, and the rest (10) for Food to feed all the animals.

      I am curious if this is the best way to do this and what is the best thing to grow WITH OUT focus to feed the animals?

      Looking at the plots, I based it off
      1 Pig plot makes 180 Meat
      1 Sheep plot makes 180 (ish) Milk
      1 Corn plot makes 80 (ish) Corn
      1 Wheat plot makes 80 (ish) Wheat
      1 Food plot makes 80 (ish) Food

      The Pork Pie Recipe is
      18 Corn
      36 Flour/Wheat
      72 Meat
      18 Milk

      So the plots should make
      400 Corn
      560 Flour/Wheat
      1080 Meat
      360 Milk

      1080 Meat lands me at 15 sets of pie. Which means I will need
      270 Corn
      540 Wheat
      270 Milk

      Then for Food for animals, I need 720 food to feed.
      Food I should be making 800 ish.

      I had been using Potatoes as food because I was given a few hundred to start with, but should I swap to something else? Carrots seem cheaper, but make 0 seeds. Does the seed chance with out focus out weigh using carrots as feed?

      If something is wrong with my math or I should change a plot or 2 from corn to something else?

      Thankyou for any help or feedback and taking the time to read/comment!
    • I'm not sure about the economics of potatoes versus carrots, but you might improve your pie output a bit in another way.

      I see you have an overage of milk and corn in this schema. You can grow more than one thing in a single plot. If you were to grow pigs in three of the positions in one of the plots currently used for milk production (3 for pig, 6 for sheep), and also divide one of the plots used for for corn also (3 for wheat, 6 for corn) you get an extra 2 pies every 2 or 3 days.

      Added thought:
      You might just forget about growing the potatoes and also plant those plots in more corn which has an even higher seed production percentage
      Learn something new every day.

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