Changes required for a future patch regarding World Bosses

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    • Changes required for a future patch regarding World Bosses

      It is necessary to make a resounding change in the World Bosses, since they should have a maximum difficulty and not be easily defeated by a party of 10 people. In most games the world bosses are usually world events, with a difficulty that required the intervention of an entire guild ... I fully understand that their location in this game places them in pvp areas, but at least they should have note this:

      1.- They must have much more life (x3 - x5 times the current one)

      2.- Total intervention of a guild in its development, both to kill the boss and to defend the party that is doing it against possible enemy groups.

      3.- Bosses have to have elite guards, not just mobs with 1k life.

      4.- The mechanics of the same have to be developed again since they are super predictable and easy to avoid. The only boss that would be similar but still easy is Morgana's fifth-floor boss.

      5.- Bosses must summon units during the fight and I repeat no 1k life mobs.

      6- There must be traps around and before reaching the world boss, as in the corrupt ones.

      7.- An alert must be generated on the global map that the world boss is being carried out so that other guilds can fight.

      8.- Their rewards have to be more abundant, a matter of justifying the mission.