HG needs more love.

    • HG needs more love.

      I don't even have to say that HG is by far the best content in this game but after the "rise of avalon" was released, HG was simply DESTROYED, hg is just a BOSTA you spend millions on your set and risk losing it by entering at HG to fight another duo that can be completely counter to your build so that in the end you open the chest and win 40-60k, it looks like a joke, all you need to do is open the chest and see a message "FALL IN PEGADINHA, FUDEU OTARIO" why hg today is just a joke, a prank, do you spend 1-2 million on your set to win 40-60k in the chest? this is ridiculous you can’t even pay the yellow fame you get by killing HG’s mob with this rotten chest, hg is more harm than profit, HG was perfect before the rise of avalon you opened the chest and I won at least 200k, now you win at most 100k, there was a box that I didn't get to win 10k, this is just ridiculous, you have to put up with people with stupid builds like bleeders who just run around on the delayed map, have to fight mongoloids with a wind wall and for what? earn 30k? I have to earn 20 hgs in a row just to pay 1 set, DG Solo is giving more money than the HGs, I hope you do something about why I and literally ALL my friends who played this game have stopped playing because the game is just shit this "rise of avalon" ended the game, the contents are unbalanced, the weapons are more unbalanced than ever, there is a build that only loses if it falls against another team with the msm build and the fight almost lasts 1 hour sometimes you fight for so long that HG closes before the fight is over so scrupulous that the builds are and all this so that in the end you can't even pay for the repair of your set.
    • Looking forward to it because hellgates as it stands are a complete waste of time. The IP cap is too low to make it worth it, might as well solo. If I want flat 6 sets can go stalker level, hellgates should really at the least be giving more than solo cds... BTW where is the loot? Did the hellgate chests just get stripped bare so you can give free t8 gear to CD rats because it really seems like it.

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