Dev Talk: Development Update November 2020

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    • Dev Talk: Development Update November 2020

      In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses major improvements coming to Faction Warfare and Hellgates with the next content update:

      Note that this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages. You can also read a written summary here:…ment-update-november-2020
    • I always ask those question but how long until we get those? Seems like an awesome update for me.

      About the faction system, whats gonna happen to our faction points? They will be reseted?

      And the HG, u said that u want to make them more rewarding. I used to do HG 2x2 and they always give good rewards, thats why there people who sincronize HGs and rats. I mainly go to HG to get a fight 2v2 or 5v5 but because the rewards are too good, they are full of rats. How long until we see what u guys are planning to do with that problem? We can see in the video that there some short of lava chasing the player, is that like a battle royale closed arena type of thing?

      Looking foward to the next update, seems huge.
    • Making Blue & Yellow Zones "safe" is going to kill-off a lot of the content we currently see in Faction Warfare. This was the main thing that has sparked frustration within the Faction Warfare Discord and they don't want to see Yellow Zones removed from full loot when faction flagged.

      Keep Blue Zones safe, as an area to bring new players in... sure. But Yellow as well, I think will be a massive mistake. Please re-think this.

      EDIT - Also... no city launches via the Faction Warfare system?! Please SBI.

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    • Are you guys have any plans changing the faction trading missions?

      Would ranks reset monthly or just the rewards? I would like to keep my rank to show off :D

      The elite mounts would be skins or special in some way? (maybe mini battle mounts :D)

      Looking forward to this update

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    • Robinhoodrs wrote:

      Rendere le zone blu e gialle "sicure" eliminerà molti dei contenuti che attualmente vediamo in Faction Warfare. Questa è stata la cosa principale che ha scatenato la frustrazione all'interno di Faction Warfare Discord e non vogliono vedere le zone gialle rimosse dal bottino completo quando la fazione viene segnalata.

      Mantieni le zone blu al sicuro, come un'area per portare nuovi giocatori ... certo. Ma anche il giallo, penso che sarà un grave errore. Per favore ripensatelo.

      EDIT - Inoltre ... nessuna città viene lanciata tramite il sistema Faction Warfare ?! Per favore SBI.
      Well now you can't camping in yellow or blu area as faction to kill new player, you have to go in red zone, now the red zone will be more populted da tutti i ragazzi che chiedono fazione pvp o ganging. Anche in questo caso le fazioni della guerra nella zona gialla sembrano ragazzi che corrono a morire per cercare di combattere i ragazzi che si accampano in una buona sosta per colpirli. I think how they do a good job.
    • I was writing some considerations about HG's to make a post to the SBI make HG great again, i wake up this morning with this dev talk and get so happy with the news.
      Anyway, gonna send some considerations, please balance those points and HG will be great. And PLEASE DO NOT ADD MORE PVE TO IT! WE DO NOT LIKE PVE JUST PVP!

      The Hellgate comunity is huge on this game and very active, i doubt that are more views on twitch on other content than HG 2x2, this becaus it is way more funny watch it over CDG's or other contents because its have very minumum PVE and more frequent PVP with longer and more intense fights (still easy to understand different from ZVZ's and large scales combats).

      Despite some problems with the intern mechanics and meta, Hellgates still a lot of funny because the combats are great and there is very minumum (ideal) PVE inside, you can learn (have to) absolute everything from the itens on the game and every interaction with those. (being 2x2 opens a lot off possibilities).

      There are many problems on HG 2x2, some of them are:


      There are so many Rats on HG 2x2 that we can make a whole new segment here, some of them are:

      The one guy (dagger or bow mostly), that enter on HG with 20k whole gear, just to try to get a free gate, most of them have good boots to run, exit the gate and try another one. IMO those are the most annoying and the biggest problem on the HG2x2, first cuz there are no sense a alone player entering a 2x2 combat, there are no sense for that, notice that i cant enter with another guy and invade a 1x1 CDG, so no excuses for this. The channeling should be done at same time with your duo, and only allow you enter if with the other guy. (this also fake a problem with rats around HG's trying to cancel one of the duo to fight 2x1 fight ouside HG) *gear barata nao vale a pena dar chase

      There also comps build spceifically to cancel one of the duo trying to exit the GATE, even if stronger, is impossible to chase them because they have so much mobility, like dual warbows, dual maces, quarterstaffs + anything apparently.

      The broke ass dual bow: simple, that full build worth less than my resist potion that i have to pop to survive that nightmare

      The "free" gates:

      That is a mechanic that turn profitable the rats playing, specially the 1 guys and the extremely budget builds ones, when the HG 2x2 is free, they pay like 10 sets with the loot.

      Take in consideration that this is caused by many situations, external combats, a random dude killing the mob intentionally or not, gankers sometimes kill the HG's to make look that are people doing it etc.

      My sugestion to fix it is to only make possible the portal open when the player are on a party (only 2 players party). So when anybody that inst on a 2 players party kills the mob, the portal dosnt spawn and there are no link between hellgates. Also fixing the problem with one guys rats entering the HG.

      The reseters

      This is a major problem on the HG's, that cause many other problems.
      There are much comps that can easily engage on a fight, try something and then run for a reset inumerous times, and if chase, they can also keep running till reset or forever, the most notable of them are off course quarterstaffs+daggers, quarterstaffs+permafrost, dual maces.
      And then are the most annoying ones, that can solo run endless after the duo get killed, even after looting can run for 30 minutes straight without any chance to chase and kill them. They are quarterstaffs and hallowfalls.

      The most broken iten possible for 2x2:

      The Purity Robe: This iten alone make the whole 2x2 experience ridiculous, the ONLY drawback of that item is the price, and the advantages are so extreme, you can literally split a duo while being immune impairing movement plus deal 99 damage por hit, AND knockack 12m away for each bump, that you can hit like 4 times easily on the 5s time of effect. And the most insane thing is the 30 seconds colldown.

      The guys that really play HG knows how broken this item are and if Devs looked at it at least one time would notice how insanely broken this is for a 2x2 combat. Its only balanced when agains other purity robe users, because every other chest get extremely disavantaged against it.

      The loot problem:

      I know that the loot get a nerf recently because of the inflation, but the HG's loot now is extremely terrible, i have see a inumerous good amount of HG players talking the same about the loot, and dont seem that its happened only because the inflation.
      You should improve HG loot since its way less rewarding that the CDG, despise putting much more to lose since there are 2 players disposed to lose their gear. We have to make multiple runs to pay just one set, because most of them you get a shit loot from a free gate. Is also more complex and demands more time to get good sincrony with a duo and demmans hight skill ceiling than 1x1, so being way more complex would put a higher reward.
      Would be specially cool a Infamy system but on the Duo's, making a new duo having to start from 0 infamy, in the same way from corrupted, meaning a higher reward on the loot and fame.

      The Quarterstaff:
      Impossible to chase when with a dagger on his side, can easily walking trought the HG running away from a duo for 30minutes stragiht, is completely umbalanced IMO, they can reset infinite times, never have chance to be chased and come engage until you missclick something.

      U should fix the buff from hellgate, too much particles just make hard to see when enemy pops shields and defensive habilities, specially hard to see the activation from Rancor on the Cursed Staff.
    • Please take into consideration NOT adding much PVE to HG's, its already boring to do the PVE side of it and most part of the players doing it do HG to avoid the BIG TIME PVE on the CDG's.
      If people like PVE, they can go to a DG, to a CDG, or even a HCE. The very minimum PVE is excellent right now on the HG 2x2.
    • @PrintsKaspian

      Please do not make yellow zones non-lethal. That completely ruins one of the best things about faction PvP.. and it's very antithetical to this game.

      If you're going to expand the royal continent... then expand the area between the royal cities and the starter towns. Make that portion of the game safe.

      Please, do not make any zones between the royal cities and Cearlon non-lethal.

      Not going to lie. Losing a lot of confidence in you with this announcement. Full loot is the reason we play this game. Have you forgotten?

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    • the point of being factioned is to fight anywhere with enemy factions, changing blue to just knock out can be ok, but yellow too? I think thats too much, red zones will be completely filled with people, you wont have any chance to pk in red zones and gathering there will be disgusting too
      I'm so prog, I listen to concept albums on shuffle
      Look for the ayys
    • Making blue and yellow-zone faction warfare non-lethal pvp will have the reverse effect to what is intended. Losing T4 gear to another player in T4 gear is fine for opt-in pvp, you can recover that loss in a single dungeon and it part of the learning experience of this game. What will happen is more experienced players roaming around in full spec tier 8.3 gear farming new players for easy kills and income. Giving new players a false impression of what PvP is like in this game and warping their expectations as they progress.

      TLDR; please reconsider the non-lethal faction PvP in Blue and Yellow Zones, it will end badly for what otherwise seems like a good idea.