/stuck command

    • /stuck command

      Hi just had a bad experience with this command and was wondering if there was anything i could have done differently or if its just an unluckly consequence of game design.
      I had just finished a corrupted dungeon and was exiting, and got placed back into the world in a spot which i could not move from( corrupted dungeon was on an edge and spawned me in trapped corner. I tried to get out of this spot by typing /stuck, hoping it would work but it ended up locking my game and not letting me control my character or cancel it as i waited for the bar to fill up. Naturally a ganker rolled up on me and killed me as i was not in control of my character. I was just wondering if there was anything i could have done differently to get out of the /stuck command, not that it would have helped much as i was still a meele dps vs a ranged ganker trapped in a corner. I also wish the /stuck command would have come with a warning about what it would do to you before you trap your game with one command.
      Any info on what i could have done differently is greatly appreciated.
    • Hey there, that is a very unfortunate situation. Ideally, this shouldn't happen in the first place and is a result of an unlucky combination of resource and dungeon entrance spawns that block you into a corner of the map. If you still happen to remember where this happened, please report it at the in-game location by typing /bug stuck when exiting dungeon here. The report automatically includes the map coordinates, which helps us to quickly find and resolve such map placement issues.

      If this happens again, the best advice I can give is to log out immediately, then get in touch with support - they should be able to help you from there.