Pinned High Ping & Connection Issue Reports

    • Getting disconnected every 5-10 seconds and keep going back to the same place

      <p>So after the latest update the becomes like this,first when i was doing dungeon i keep going back to the same place and after i leave the dungeon its is banditni joined bandit then when we went to murk weald the disconnecting and going back to the same place happened again,i tried logging in and out multiple times,restart my internet and re-open the game but it still happen.till this im stuck in lymhurst because i keep going back to the same place then disconnecting.<br><br>is there anything i need to do so i can play?<br><br>i have a decent internet for sure because not only albion is a the game i play.<br><br>advance thanks if theres a fix or something.</p>
    • my ping keeps changing.

      every map I change my ping changes too. I can be on the island alone and have a ping of 300. Go out to town to get a ping of 150. go back to the island and get a ping of 400. Does anyone know what it could be?every time I change the map the ping changes. everytime. I can leave and go back to the same map and have a different ping every time I do this.
    • Region: SEA
      Same issue, my internet is fine and I can play roblox with no lag but Albion is a different case because it disconnects me every time I switch zones and the ''Reconnecting'' sign will randomly show up out of nowhere. I cant do any pvp content because of this
    • This high ping problem has becoming an issue. Since my region is in SE asia. Ping wise used to be around 285-310. This was few months ago. I feel like now i hit around 380-450, and then worsen to thousands. Lol. Being at 300 ping on a good day is already a handicap especially doing CD, pk, and ganking. Also doing t8 solo dungeons has to be on super aware mode. -.-

      If Albion is trying to reach thru SE players, and mind yous Phillipine, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia has a high number of players especially if you release mobile ver. If this ping issue isnt attended to, it'll lose players fast.
    • BlitzNMm wrote:

      Region: SEA
      Same issue, my internet is fine and I can play roblox with no lag but Albion is a different case because it disconnects me every time I switch zones and the ''Reconnecting'' sign will randomly show up out of nowhere. I cant do any pvp content because of this
      We have the same problem brother, I can't play the game it literally disconnects me whenever I switch zone or just random disconnect My guild disbanded because we lacking people I always lag fix your game fast please
    • Same problem whenever I zoned inside/outside our Hideout or other maps or Teleport to any Royal City or even while strolling around it keeps on getting disconnected i need to wait for 30 seconds to 1 minutes for the ping to be stable/playable. Its hard when transporting from different zone i cant do any content even gathering or crafting so sad i hope they fix the connectivity issue so that more SEA players can enjoy the game.
    • Nataraqui wrote:

      Game is no longer playable for me for more than 3 weeks now. Stable ping for about 2-5 mins then suddenly black screen all the time. Every zone you need to either re-log in or have to restart the game.

      Please advice a fix.
      LOL....LOL......This has been a problem since the early betas.....weird that ppl constantly talk about how bad the stability of the game is atm when its always been terrible.
    • Тоже не могу играть нормально уже как неделю привык к пингу 140–150 и щас 250–260 это очень сложно все игроки на экране прыгают перемещаются, а в HCE вообще с такими пингом на высоких картах не поиграть особенно когда играешь за Танка, что можно сделать или как это исправить? Форму заполнил.

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    • Всем привет слушайте ничего не делал кроме того, что заполнил форму с описанием проблемы и вот сегодня пинг с 240-250 стал прежним 140-150 и меньше 130-140 .... стал, но вроде все норм.

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    • As a player from China mainland, the connection constantly gets bad. The game just keeps reconnecting, and really makes the gameplay so unpleasant. By improving the game connection and ping stability, the overall experience will improve so much. With this lag, I really can't go to places that has a high risk level since once you get ganked, there won't even be a chance to react. And for the play style with more actions are no longer a available choice since the game reacts with so much latency. PLS fix the connection or this game will never be as expected.
    • I was having this issue for the first few months of playing. I have an older desktop (7+ years old) and want to share how I fixed my issue.

      I use a USB Wi-fi plugin, and after troubleshooting for months, I found the issue was my Wi-fi USB device would loosen from gravity or as my desk was tapped, or if my chair touched the Tower.

      I only have one good port left, and bought a USB to USB cable, seated it firmly, and raised the wand about eye level. Now I get five bars with a steady 40 to 50 ping. It's awesome!

      Lag spikes happen when players descend into a PvP frenzy (server), or when my router hick-ups. Currently, it affects gameplay a few times a week: A much better experience.