Pinned High Ping & Connection Issue Reports

    • The game has been relentless with the ping spikes since mobile update. Always have 50ping then the spikes happen 300-600ping rubber banding almost like packet loss but I checked my connections and everything is good. Something has to change soon.
    • Jean_Helius wrote:

      Y14 wrote:


      这会使欧洲人的 ping 变得更糟,更好的解决方案是“SEA”服务器(新加坡?)。我认为,亚洲的 mmo 文化足以证明这项投资的合理性。
    • Since Tuesday this week, I have been seeing a lot of re-connects, which interrupts whatever I'm doing (although it doesn't seem to interrupt the guy biting me or whatever). Are there any suggestions that might be helpful? Is there any indication that the game owners are working on fixing it? If not, I'll wander off to a different game.
    • Constant "Reconnecting?" and "Disconnected" popups and rubber banding are currently making this game unplayable. In a sandbox PvP game you can't afford to be paralyzed for 30s every other minute out in the Black zone.

      Giving it until the end of my current sub cycle and then just going to walk. Not going to pay for a game that can't be played.
    • This is a really good game , i never play RPG like this before .
      But Ping is nearly 300 when i play PC , 400 when i play mobile n i live in asia
      This game only have sever in Europe right ? when i complain in CH play , they say use VPN near Washington DC , USA to reduce lag .
      Seriously guys , why do u launch global when u can only maintain on Europe
    • Yeah I'm going to jump on the band wagon with most sea/oce players here. I average a 300- 400 ping with numerous spikes and d/c's which brings me back to the good old vanilla wow days... still playable... but very frustrating at times. This forces a lot of new players to fear the PvP content side of things because of this disadvantage. Of course there are options around this like gathering , hunter CD's, blue/yellow zone dungeons etc but what I do like about the structure of Albion is the Risk vs Reward and obviously RZ and BZ's are more profitable in the long run. I do understand it will be quite a big operation to split the players up into their dedicated regions with the provided servers but it can be done. At least with a global launch, SBI should have a fair idea if its worth investing the time and money. I hope to see dedicated servers placed in the near future because lets face it .. Imo Ablion is an awesome game that has had a tonne of effort put into refining the gameplay to provide various content (mostly PvP) to the player and it has a lot of potential within the Esports/Gaming industry. Just my two cents :)
    • The last few weeks I am getting strange lag spikes at only specifically times each night. It is happening from 1 to 3 UTC game time and it is confirmed not an internet or computer issue. Even more odd I can enter a Corrupted and have no issues and get ported to the invasion and then get massive latency (even though my actual ping stays at 60). It fluctuates randomly about every other dungeon but lasts the whole dungeon. I play US Central timezone.
    • Inexcusably poor performance from a game that's apparently had its player count reach its peak in 2021. I tried for a month to play this game regardless and now its getting to the point where the ping is laughably bad. If you want to release a game to the world, make it playable worldwide in the first place!

      WORD OF CAUTION: Players in Asia, basically where most of the people in the world are. This game is NOT PLAYABLE due to there being 1 server location only (yes lol) so be advised! Expect high ping in SEA/OCE (300-400+).
    • I have been experiencing the same thing since yesterday. We have a very good internet connection and I think my computers specs are good. All other games are running smoothly as well but whenever I play Albion, I'm experiencing game lag and delays to the point that the game freezes. I want the development part of the game where they introduce mobile players, but please fix your server.

      played this game with no problem for 8 months now(aside from the 250 ping but thats understandable since im in SEA)
      issue just started 5 days ago and the game is fked for me.

      DISCONNECTIONS when zoning in maps
      DISCONNECT then AUTO RECONNECT causes my skills to go on 15 secs cd, this ruins my play in PVE (havent tried PVP yet, why would in this current state??)

      TAKE NOTE : MY INTERNET IS FINE, stop blaming it...already submitted the FORM that requires TRACERT details to
    • The ping considered playable for SEA at 200+ is just dumb. The game is an MMORPG built around PvP and T6+ areas are full loot PvP.

      I mean, my internet isn't the best but the ping should be around 200 if the server is really in the US as the other games I played when in a VPN to North America.

      My issues started a few days after I bought premium. The 200ms ping shot up to 270 and randomly spikes to 350 to 400, even after traffic shaping or outright kicking out all other devices. Long black screens after zone loading, usually ends up with me being logged out. And when I relog, it logs me out again 2-3 times. And then there's the random ping spikes and you won't notice it until you cast a channeling ability. All of the above happens so often and gets worse if you constantly move zones.

      And the stupid login validation doesn't help at all.
      "Someone is currently logged in on this account."
      We'll of course I know that someone, he's me. And the game should too, I am attempting to relog in the same fricking network(same IP address) and the same device so this error shouldn't appear. And why not let's go a step further? Let players add "trusted devices" where all the devices listed can kickout the old session then login or just continue the disconnected session that the game caused in the first place.

      And for short split-second disconnects, that cause an agonizing 15second cooldown. Why? Is it somehow exploitable?

      I assume at this point that the business-minded higher ups are cheapskates who maximize profit. Leaving players trying to make temporary workarounds.

      For now, I have been using 2 VPNs and set them to Canada. Windscribe on PC and VPNPro on Android. They add 20-30ms ping but removes the zone loading issues and random unexplainable disconnects.

      We need a permanent fix. please