HCE Fistful of Silver Boss Help

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    • HCE Fistful of Silver Boss Help


      I just started doing HCE and this boss is easy as long as he doesn't use his AOE nuke on everyone.

      I can't see a pattern on how to avoid/prevent this nuke...

      Some people say it's only doable with daggers?
      It seems silly.

      Any help/advice?

    • Hey,

      There's a specific set to minimize the trouble the boss gives you:

      - Cleric Cowl (activate it while you're burning to prevent part of the damage);
      - Cultist Robe (activate it to heal yourself so the healer won't be overwhelmed);
      - Royal Shoes (there is an invincibility frame that, if properly timed, can make you avoid the fire completely).

      If your only problem is the nuke itself, rest easy! You just have to stay apart from each other. He'll only use the AoE if there are two or more people close together. So, have the tanker next to the boss, the healer behind the boss and make the other 3 stay in a cone in front of him or any combination you can think of that won't make two people too close and you're done.

      Hope this helps.
    • Dagger set is a must to stay alive at higher levels for dps. Its not expensive nor your need high specs for dagger sets. Healers job should be only to heal tank and himself and dps can heal themselves with dagger set.

      You need Dagger, Torch, Hunters hood and assassin shoes. Royal jack is a plus too for cool downs