Improvement suggestions

    • Improvement suggestions

      There are 3 improvements that I consider most important right now (beside the optimization improvements that are obviously needed):
      - View the Avalonian routes and territories owners by touching the map; there is not much to say about it, it is simply a deficiency in relation to PC players.
      - Increase the loading speed of the maps; currently, mobile players simply can't participate in any guild content, be it caravans, zergs, or ganks. You just can't keep up with your mates as they are constanly going through different zones.
      In addition to being especially vulnerable to gankers who will always be one step ahead of you.
      - Add an option to place spells on the left side of the screen in the touch controls; being right-handed, I play by moving my character with my right hand and casting the spells with my left, and as my phone has a quite big screen my hands end up in an awkward, uncumfortable position. Playing a ranged character with the virtual pad, especially mages, it's just impossible for me and i dont know why.