T2+ Redford at the crossing gives a Quest

    • T2+ Redford at the crossing gives a Quest

      Help please. I have tried now for a couple days to finish this quest. To craft a T2+ item while using focus. I have checked the box to use focus and crafted multiple T2+ Items yet the quest doesn't count any of them. I have aborted the quest and tried reaccepting the quest to reset the quest. So far everything I have done to get through this Quest has not worked. It remains bugged and wont even give me another quest.
    • Check your inventory and expand the view to the left by clicking the little arrow top left of that frame. There you should see the amount of focus points available to your character. If the number is zero you might need to consume the focus potion given to you by another NPC in the same town to obtain focus points. Then craft the item.
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