Suggestion : Inability to enter road unless xxxx IP and inability to loot in BZ after leaving hideout for 60 seconds.

    • Suggestion : Inability to enter road unless xxxx IP and inability to loot in BZ after leaving hideout for 60 seconds.

      The way it is , people like to abuse avalonian roads by constantly draining them of charges with their naked characters they just send there from hideouts - that´s not fun. Implementing IP requirement would make it at least more difficult to do so.

      Regarding hideouts, not only people with hideouts have huge advantage, but what is absolute zero fun is when you fight with few people against overwhelming numbers that people keep pumping from hideout, and what´s worse : naked people go outside and instantly loot their stuff, which is the last straw. That´s not fun at all.

      Implementing these things could only be helpful.
    • I was bored a bit and decide to stop run in circular corridor in crd behind people which try to get out of combat that their regen makes them full for another fight..and another reset..and a race to the crystal..

      Trying to purge quarier boots with a low range purge vs lighting runners .

      Any, I tried to stop a bit the crap game design of CRD as it burns you. Don't get me wrong, rewards are good, but the design is ..well.. okay I state my opinion .. simply lame and dull..but is still the best for solo content..

      Or is there something better?

      So I entered roads, and searched for a map with 3-4 SRD. Found one, rewards are cool, 650% loot bonus on t8 chest - in the first hour I got 4x 8.3 item, no joke..

      Banked it, sold it, and had good fights 1on1 and thought..eau..nice content

      But then EU daytime started..first t8 SRD ..3people farm..3wtf?

      Okay I take another.. I am at a t8 purple boss, count already in thoughts my treasure..7+ people gank squad in SRD

      And then I remembered again, while even crd is lame, it is still a better design as SRD and 7 man gank squad as we had in the past..

      And this is my message to all that complain about CRD - try out SRD with 650% loot bonus, then you will like crd, as crap as it is, again much more as before

      It is a healthy adventure to revisit the zerg content..

      On the other hand, the portals that work for Avalonian roads, or don't work as the zergs are already there again, would have been a wonderful fix for SRD, there would be no need to lock, just make 3. Guy enter after 4min..but well it is as it is .