Hce comps

    • S Tier Comp

      2x Light Xbow (Druid Robe)
      1x Light Xbow (Jacket)
      Holy/Hallowfall (Jacket)
      1H Mace Tank

      Honorable mentions

      Shadowcaller (can be viable if you have 2 xbows with high dps) ((If you are piercing for bad xbows, you will make slower map time))

      Light Xbow (Specter Jacket+Keeper Cape) ((Really solid build if you do big pulls, and you have competent healer/tank. For small pull maps, Druid does smiliar/better damage))

      Weeping Repeater (Druid) ((Top tier Weeping players are realistically only 2-4% behind top tier xbow/crypt players))

      Clarent (Specter Jacket+Keeper cape) ((mostly viable for Fungicide only))

      For frost, most viable is Chillhowl. Does less then xbow, but costs around 4x the price.

      EDIT: This is not the end all, be all list. There are a lot of viable builds that can clear maps, along with spear/sword reflect swaps. Just these are the current meta builds.

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