Should I come back?

    • Should I come back?

      Hi all,

      I played in alpha and early beta while be a founder, and am fully familiar the game that once was is no longer in many aspects. (I'd essentially have a starter character)

      Really looking for someone to convince me to come back. (I'd essentially have a starter character) I love PvP so I'm fine there. But is there much else for end game?

      Is there something to look forward to? Is the game still a ridiculous grind? Is the economy balanced?

      Also I'm pretty certain it still stands that a guild is required to truly have fun. Do the Russians still rule all? How hard is it to get a decent guild being at least a seasoned player?

      Appreciate any input <3

      - Stryker
    • Hi @Stryker, I recommend you try and see the changes for yourself. A lot of things have changed since you last played and you'll be surprised that there's so much more content that was added to the game.

      Earning fame is a lot easier now and you have plenty of activities to choose from. The economy is still player-driven, so it's really up to you to see what's going on that front.

      It's still better to play with a guild, but there's solo content that's been added to game that can help pass the time when your friends aren't on yet.
    • I’d echo what Evas said. You’ll have a great chance of a jump start with founders premium, gold and items. Whilst it isn’t the same game in many ways as it was in alpha/beta, it’s still essentially Albion and in a good place I’d say. Player base is also going strong.

      Your name seems familiar ... what guild were you in in beta?
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      I’m a beta player and I can honestly say this is the best the game has ever felt. There is content for solo, group, zvz, crafters, merchants, farmers, and fisherman. A really healthy in game population makes the world feel alive but it still feels like your actions can make an impact on the larger scale workings of the economy of the political theatre. It’s a lot of fun right now. SBI has came a long way and it’s a blast to see. 11/10 would recommend sinking hours I got he game again
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      It's the same grind game but some things have changed : It's a lot more easier to earn Fame since you got the dg avalonien and solo dungeons. Hellgate 10v10 and gvg 20v20 are coming too. You will discover factions with a big update incoming really soon so there's a lot more content. I played Day 1 for 3 months and i'm comeback 2 months, you will surely find what you want.

      I gave good args, now i'll put everything bad about albion : First of all there is the Black Zone. It's the same shit system, the BZ is now controlled by elitist guilds like Blue Army or ally like ARCH. Economy is shit too, guilds can own a city and make tonnes of millions without doing anything because they paid with real money to get the city. I learned recently than some guilds used to pay like 5000$ a month to buy their builds for GvG and stay at the top lead of Albion. And they still do.

      Conclusion : it's the same game that you used to know, the only difference is that they had NO CHOICE to add a lot more content for casual players or they would lose too much players. You already know the reasons : the elit end game is P2W.

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