Roads Hideouts - Fast Travel Restriction

    • Roads Hideouts - Fast Travel Restriction

      In short: the restriction that you get after fast traveling from a hideout (which strips your home setting if you use a realmgate before fast traveling back), doesn't make sense for hideouts located in the Roads of Avalon. And this matters because the whole point of allowing fast travel from a hideout was to allow access to the rest of the game.

      This came to my attention because city crafting cartels have become more prominent recently. A major workaround that has come up has been for an economic guild to set up a crafting hideout very close to a realmgate portal in the black zone with much lower usage fees. This is great! It's close enough that it's very safe to go to, and you even get bonuses for crafting in a black zone hideout!

      However, I can't go!

      I have to have my home set to my guild's hideout in the Roads because it is always moving around there. When I fast travel to the city I have the restriction I mentioned at the start of this post. If I were to travel to the crafting hideout to avoid the crafting cartel, I immediately lose my home. Because of the nature of the Roads, there would be a good chance I could not return to the hideout--and the rest of my guild--for many days! And unlike a regular black zones resident, who can easily plan trips to these places, such logistics are nearly impossible from the Roads. So I am stuck with the crafting cartel, and cannot join friends in most other outings to the Outlands.

      Lastly, why does this restriction not apply? Because it exists to prevent safe one-way travel for Outlands hideouts. Obviously this doesn't apply for Roads hideouts, since they don't exist in the Outlands! Transport runs for Roads hideouts are NEVER truly safe, because we never have the benefit of alliance territories, or zerg protection. Lifting this restriction would simply be a small mercy for us who struggle in the wilderness, who survive on the fringes, who thrive in the unknown. Won't you please think of the small guilds? :saint:
    • Bumping this, as this has been a problem with the halloween dungeons as well. The event dungeons are not available in the Roads, and the group versions are highly contested on the royal continent. This has meant that full access to the seasonal event has been highly variable, subject to the lottery of the Roads portals and the rich guilds who kill us as soon as we go through those portals!

      But it doesn't have to be that way!
    • Pain Point #3: Access to content like Avalonian dungeons.

      Running Avalonian raids when you are tethered to a Roads hideout is a logistical pain in the you-know-where. On top of the standard logistics of gathering enough players for the dungeon (in the context of a smaller guild, remember), making sure everyone is prepared with gear, knowledge, etc... There is NEVER guaranteed access or path to a dungeon, or even if there is a path at the agreed upon meeting time, a guarantee you can return to the hideout afterward.

      Important to remember: We need to plan our dungeon raids and other large events days in advance. The Roads portals change every 24 hours.

      But we have done this anyway. The results? When running from the hideout, when we are lucky it takes 30 minutes of scouting and waiting at blue portals for the charges to refresh, hoping that enemies don't show up before we can even start the content. But most often we encountered at least a few others on the Roads, which consumed portal charges and delayed our start time by over an hour.

      Our last raid was done via the realmgate--where all participants knowingly stripped themselves of their home binding just for access to quality content. Afterward, not everyone had time to run the entire route back to the hideout, and were left homeless. As of right now they are still stuck that way because the portals have not yet opened another path.

      This is ridiculous. It does not need to be this way.
    • I feel that is the risk we get from getting in the roads, we have roads HO too and though the small group/solo content is fund we lack the large content, so we use the roads as a way to grow and when we are ready we joined an alliance where if anyone in the guild wants to go for bigger prize-vs-reward they can go to the open world hide out, we still keep our scouts for road mapping in case we need to comeback.