Veteran looking for 12:00 - 15:00 UTC small scale Guild.

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    • Veteran looking for 12:00 - 15:00 UTC small scale Guild.

      I have done about everything the game has to offer, but I can't seem to find the right casual playgroup, so I though I'd try it this way.
      • I have been running solo for a long time, trying to build up my own thing but long story short: due to my time I spend on AlbionTV and my other business ventures I don't have the time to run a guild or participate in any sort of large scale, timer based content - specifically ZvZ's or CTA's. Even though I am online and log into Albion probably at least 6 days a week.
      • I do miss hanging out and doing small group social pvp/pve or gathering however, so I'm writing this post with hopes that maybe this post catches the right eyes.
      • Anyhow, If you know somebody - ideally an experienced group of players who focus on 12-15 UTC small / mid scale content, preferably with Caerleon Faction Warfare ambitions or a Roads of Avalon focus I would appreciate a message.
      • I can tome up and max out any build I need. I am not great at pvp, because I am old and honestly not playing Albion for the skill-based highly competitive pvp aspect. But i can stay afloat and hold my own.
      • I prefer to play support roles (Arcane / Nature) and I have every crafting tree maxed out (for what thats worth anyways).
      • I don't necessarily have to join your guild, I'm happy to hang out in your community too if it allows for finding duo or groups. I prefer to stay away from the Outlands politics, because history has shown that associating with anyone who thinks they are important creates a lot of toxic propaganda, that I would like to avoid if possible.
      • I can be online daily between 12:00 & 15:00 UTC after downtime. I speak German / English well and can understand Chinese enough to follow most calls.
      • Happy to hear from you on Discord: Bogul#6397
      | Bogul#6397 | | @AO_Bogul |

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