Question about moving a personal island.

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  • Question about moving a personal island.

    Hi, please, is it possible to change the location at the personal island repeatedly or is there a limit or something?
    I'm wondering if I now have an island in Caerleon, for example, and change it to a royal city (for example BW), and in two weeks i change to another city (for example FS), can i make this changes every time i want to and how many times I want or whether it is limited how often or how many times I can relocate personal island?
  • Hey there.

    You can relocate (hereby I am refering to scrapping down everything on your island, deleting the island and starting it up again) in other cities as often as you want.

    Imagine it like a move where you just pack up all your stuff and travel over to another city.

    If you refered to an actual relocation of your island where everything gets moved automatically, this is only available after big Geography or Portal Changes, for example when the Queen Update came out.

    - Hellements