Faction Flags Exploit

    • Faction Flags Exploit

      Hello everyone!

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      I have a suggestion. A simple one.

      A story first.

      I was roaming the mountains surrounding Fort Sterling. It was cold and windy. My group was slaughtered and I was left to brave the cold alone. I managed to take shelter in one of my factions outposts for a brief moment. I sat and watched a rider pass, briefly stopping to stare back. I noticed a white flag on his hip and reached for my axe. He rode off. I decided to follow. He had run into a group of beasts that had dismounted him, frantically fighting them off. I took this opportunity. I slammed my axe into the back of his skull, he hit the dirt. Looking around for a moment after looting his corpse, a wave of white flags over the hill rushed by. I dove into the bush and threw my flag as quickly as possible. I buried it under a pile of timber and emerged wearing the cape of my fallen foe. I rode off unscathed, greeting the enemy army with a wave and smile.

      Why is it that I can ride into enemy territory, get a kill then unflag within 30 seconds?
      They should really change this to only being able to unenlist in town or upon death.
      I know I have done this more times than I can count because I'm able to, just as all of you are.
      I find it shatters the emersion and feeling of being part of an army.

      Set Faction Unflagging conditions to --> Cities or Death.

      Whos with me?!