The Island Challenge

    • The Island Challenge

      The Island Challenge

      When someone talks about decoration items in Albion Online it's most of the time for making traps for ganking victims lost gallop on mobs, placing them in the roads of Avalon to make it more difficult to place a hideout or randomly placing them in front of a city castle. This time it's all about placing decoration where they belong...islands.

      This all started with a bunch of non used decoration items and the idea to decorate Timeless guild island. Why not? Right? After one or two hours we tried out some items, bought some more and the island turned out more cooler than usual. And where comes the legend SamuleStyles.

      Guild Island:

      Sam made a challenge to decorate each of his alts’ island. Now we would separately (PhillipHoak and Rosellya) do Boris and Sasha islands. Both fill with houses and all decoration items taken out. We had a budget but we got over it. Buying everything we could on the market. Because the challenge made us go beyond that cool guild island we both made.

      The challenge was a one week duration. More than 100 sigils, 200 lamps, 100 trees and some rare items later we finished both.

      Boris island Farm detail:

      Sasha island detail:

      To make this more interesting Sam decided he would need a couple of judges. And a price for the first and second place.

      It was a great decision because six of the seven judges gave 3 votes for one island and 3 voted on the other island. The last judge couldn't decide which one was better. They were both good in their own way.

      So Sam took the next step in this challenge, he told us we had to decorate the beach on each island because we were tied. So to help decide the winner we went back to the market, bought all we can get and started to do the beach.

      Have you ever tried to decorate a personal beach? That's a challenge just by itself. But some hours later we managed to finish both.

      Sasha Island beach:

      Boris Island Beach:

      After so much effort and dedication we need to know who was the winner, not to be better than the other. But to be appreciated for what was done.

      Boris Island East Side, Mage Memorial:

      Sasha Island East Side, the memorial to the Fallen:

      In the end we won SamuleStyle Original Masterpiece Longbow each and a founders statue for the first place and a founder frame for the second. The perfect prize for this different challenge within the challenging game of Albion. Who won? Try to guess yourself.
      Many thanks to SamuleStyle and the judges to make this possible.Have fun in this amazing game!

      Founders Statue Prize:

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