2nd Weapon line: Dagger VS Frost

    • 2nd Weapon line: Dagger VS Frost


      I currently main crossbow and have maxed out Boltcaster, 70/100 1h, and got all the rest at least 30/100. Although I do quite well with it and find FF to be efficient, I'm currently looking at speccing into a secondary weapon tree for small scale PVP; specifically HG, open world ganking, avalonians. Perhaps even some corrupted although I'm pathetic at corrupted currently with crossbow. I give away more gear than I get.

      I'm looking at dagger i.e. bloodletter or frost 1h + graveyard armor. I've already got my sub level frost to 70. My question is which one would be better for the content I've listed? I mostly enjoy PvPing with my guild, we can usually round up around 5-10 people. Like I said, I'm pretty successful with crossbow besides in corrupted where I'm awful, I'm mostly just bored being proficient in only one weapon and I've found the claps of bloodletter to be tantalizing. The reason frost interests me is to catch people running while we open world gank or run avalonians. Also, I've found frost to be very effective and quite fun to level whereas I struggled when I tried to test a bloodletter build out yesterday.

      • I've also found both dagger/frost to be very mobile, dagger more so since frost is mostly stand and cast. This is a huge plus to me since crossbow is not as mobile.

      If any people who play frost/dagger could give me some insight, pros and cons, how well you do at the content I'm interested in playing, that would be greatly appreciated. The main problem I found with daggers was energy management. Perhaps the build I was using had higher Tier gear ie less mana problems. Thanks for any input ahead of time.


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