[21. October 2020] Rise of Avalon Patch 7 - Hotfix 1

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    • [21. October 2020] Rise of Avalon Patch 7 - Hotfix 1

      • Resolved an issue where Crafting Stations do not regenerate their Crafting Capacity (* Please note that the UI will still display incorrectly. You will need to change zones and return to see the Crafting Capacity regenerate for now. We aim to fix the UI as soon as possible.)
        • Update (22.10): This has been fixed for Windows / Mac / Linux. Mobile fix will be coming soon.
      • Resolved an issue where some trap templates in the Corrupted Dungeons were double layered, making fire laser traps emit additional lasers and Lava traps

    • double traps was not fun when you have 6 lazers 4 lava traps 4 knock back traps and mobs that slow you as well and i am like is this intended to perma block rats?
      it was fun when someone chase me through that double trap just see them get hit by the 6 lazers though but not when i was trying to clear the mobs
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