Spirithunter's new E is bugged. Isn't throw the right way

    • PaladinJavier wrote:

      I just tester new E it's bugged, at least at Mobile version. I don't know if PC players have same issue. Oh, and damage is too low. Is it ok with You, devs?

      I agree the E is bugged, however Unsure if the damage is to low. It might be to low for a 30 second cooldown. So maybe that will get reduced at some point. However i've been using it to clear chests and legit fastest i've ever clear chest.

      mobs melt in Q - E - W combos. with forest of spears. Issue with spear is if you up damage to much then it'll get amp'd to high with inner focus + royal gear + food. honestly i didn't think E would tick so much i think ti'll be a fine addition to some clump damage esp in dungeons/roads with more straight lines.

      also resistance shred stacking.