2 best friends are enemies.

    • 2 best friends are enemies.

      • Good day, my friend's account is robbed and DELETED, on top of that, my account is locked, waiting without my knowledge is reduced, and my friend's deleted account is given back completely and me unlimited ban. Then now I was working at those hours. I can provide you with the proof of this, no problem, I work in the hospital myself, burn intensive careIt seems that a solid virus has entered into one of our 2, but I have just formatted it. I understood very well the reason for being banned, but sometimes he comes and the password owner sits on my computer. And he logs his account naturally.Now we had a big fight. Please, I was not so how can I do the transaction. I guess my account was used here.We don't talk to my friend anymore with my 13-year-old k friend. I feel very sorry for my account.