Help With Corrupted Dungeons

    • Help With Corrupted Dungeons

      (Posted this on one of Professor's Pew Pew videos) Felt like it had its place here on the beginners forum. Thanks in advance for any feedback and suggestions.

      Pew Pew, Guys, People of Albion, I really need your help here, I have 700+ hours on Albion, I really love the game, for the most part I was doing PVE and Market Gathering stuff, pretty much learning and figuring things out, for the last 10-15 hours I've been trying to focus on PVP, like solo PVP doing corrupted dungeons I mean I¿ve always done the arena stuff and I have a general idea of how it works, but when it comes to CD's and solo PVP I'm clearly over my head. So far I've died 5 times in those 10 to 15 that I have dedicated to duel and do the YZ, RZ and BZ, and I have 0, I repeat 0 kills in this game. I just cant win in RZ or BZ CD's do occasionally get downs on Yellow Zones but even there I loose to, and most of the time when I win it feels more like luck or that I'm fighting myself, meaning another guy who doesn't know what he is doing lol. To be honest I loose over really stupid things like misplays, miss-clicks using my E when clearly hes reflecting, not to mention mobs, traps and all sorts of things when disengaging and to top it off my builds are trash, I do have 50 spec on Axes, Bow and i think 30 on Swords trees, and 50 to 70 on leather armor since that's what I have been using most of the time, maybe 20 to 30 on cloth and the same for soldier boots. As far as weapons, I've tried dual swords which I think are real fun to play, bow just the regular one, Claymore just touched it once, Great Axe to clear dungeons, Black Hands barely, I have tried different stuff averaging 900 to 970 IP, which I know is nothing but I have seen people win with such builds but I either lack the skill or I'm doing something wrong. Dual Swords I really like and I want to make it work I tried Hunter Hood and Scholar Cowl, maybe Guardian Helmet? I haven't tried that, I have used Cultist Robe to try and fight and Specter Jacket when im clearing and just making money avoiding fights, (mhmhh RAT) and both times I used assassin shoes most because I think the roll can save me from one shot builds I think I'm not sure lol, for food I tried Cabbage Soup for PVE, beef stew for PVP even a Sandwich once, For potions Healing potions and Resists Potions for Bows, Bolt-casters and Crossbows and Poisons for PVE, I use Iron Will on my sword since I don't have parry yet, I mean, at the end of the day I just don't know what build can give me a chance or at least be consistent, I tried black hands since I read it was efficient but man I just cant get used to them, I misplay too much, so if you have any tips, tricks or a CD build that is friendly for a newbie learning the ropes in PVP and where to start I would really appreciate it. For the mean time I just want to be able to win a fight once I'm Kind of frustrated that I can get so easily overplayed, or not knowing which fights to pick since I have a basic idea of what I can do with the build but not so sure of what beats me and what I can beat, I don't know if that makes sense, anyway, to anyone who took the time to read this I appreciate it, lol =). (Sorry about grammar, English not my native language). BTW I might post this on the forum, hope it doesn't get too much hate. Thanks again!
    • Hi,

      Sounds like you just need to get some experience. Im pretty sure if you keep playing cd you'll keep getting better and better anyway, but to speed this process up my advice for you would be to join an active zvz guild, ideally one that does coaching and replay reviews. Even though mass pvp meta is totally different from 1v1 meta, you will learn all basic pvp mechanics, get used to different builds, which abilties can be purged, which channels can be interrupted, what kind of food works best with certain builds, the impact of enchanted food and potions and so on.. all those little things which play a huge part in a 1v1 scenario, because 1v1 is all about timing your own abilities and knowing your opponents build so you can read them like a book. With game knowledge, you won't ever need to ask questions about builds because you'll basically know what's best for you without anyone elses opinion. Keep playing arenas, that also helps a lot.

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    • Welcome to the forums @Veikar.

      My recommendation would be to record your gameplay. Everytime you lose, go back and watch your recording to see what you could have done better and review what the other player did right. When learning how to PVP, there are so many things you can forget or not notice at first due to the heat of the battle which will only be clear once you review the video. Make sure to always inspect the other player and understand what their build is meant to do. I also recommend you bring Tier 4.2 gear in when doing Corrupted Dungeons in the BZ along with the clear mindset of learning PVP first and earning Infamy second, and lastly coming back with the loot as the bonus.

      Once you're more comfortable with doing PVP and start winning a few matches, you can re-organize your priorities. Let me tell you that once you get your first win, you'll be instantly hooked (don't forget to also watch the video to see what the other person did wrong).

      Best of luck!
    • Let me give you a recommendation...

      Play a "no skill" high tolerance build

      1) use no skillshot or easy to land skills
      2) use builds with high sustain that are easy
      3) use cheap builds if possible that don't make you nervous if u die - it should feel like moba not where u actually loose something
      4) don't panic - if u die say.. interesting ..and mark what u learned down
      5) get some wealth / unlimited money in game source that dying means nothing

      From theories to reality..

      What builds would that be?

      Build 1: normal bow, hellion good, merc chest, giga pot, giga boots. Normal bow on explosive, the 3. Passive, long range q, poison q works, too especially in combination with merc chest. Prequiver the bow to prevent early purges..
      Start on klick u enemy, unpurged bow is insane even on it while machine gun to death.. on first heavy damage use gig boots, after gig take some more damage and merc chest.. after merc ..hellion ..but make sure u are buffed before I hellion..and then if still not dead giga pot on 25 % hp as surprise

      After u have mastered this, play it on cleric robe, cleric robe is nice counter to reflect and other Merc chests
      Build 2:
      Curse 1h t6, passive Hit & run, merc chest, chest reset helmet, off hand torch, muisac or Taproot.
      Giga boots, giga pot.
      Build is incredible forgiving, u e doesn't reflect and u can with this Slayer till endgame

      These 2 builds require zero skill and are extremely newbie friendly.. if u don't win some after 100 deaths, pvp is not for you..