Avalonian Shards inflation sink

    • Avalonian Shards inflation sink


      There is potential problem with Avalonian Shards inflation.
      Currently the only options of use for them is artifact rolling and own tier 1 to 5 upgrade.
      Unlike runes/souls/relics they are not linked to resources via item enchantment.
      And it cannot be even salvaged.
      So, over time, after avalonian artifacts salvage-reroll process, its withdrawal from the economy is determined only by items trash.

      Sure, avalonian artifacts in a cost of regular items it not really serious potential problem.
      But. It looks like situation is gonna be opposite to royal items.
      When +25IP royal artifacts cost times more then avalonian +100IP.
      Kind of... Immersion breaking... And wierd.

      Is there any plans to fix it?
      To add lower border sink for shards?
      May be one more resouces/items enchantment level?
      Or a salvage to avalonian energy / royal sigils?
      Or transmutation into resources?
      Or royal hearts-like refining sink?

      It feels like they need some kind of bottom cost use...
      WTB skill

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