Any Albion Online OGL for a tabletop rpg system?

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    • Any Albion Online OGL for a tabletop rpg system?

      Well I was yesterday thinking about made a oneshot for some of my DnD and Pathfinder players about the world of Albion Online, so maybe they could join the game if they like that. I was thinking about use a system of proficency based of the specs system of Albion something like

      Each 10 points of global spect, give you a +1 bonus on the roll, and specific specs give +1 each 5 points. Using this for all, combat, craft, etc. Keeping the unlock of tier in each level of specs for example, T6 at 30 points of global spec.

      I need to think about more thinks, damage die for each weapon and number of dies depending of the tier and enchant (well the "IP level"), fame or exp giving for activities, encounters, etc.

      But then I realise... Maybe I can't do it cause its not a OGL and Sandbox doesnt want it.
      This come, cause I love Albion Online but there's no Lore, no quests etc. So I want to create something with this world for people like me, who enjoy playing tabletop or virtual tabletop role playing games

      So if any member of Sandbox or Community has a link for this type of things with requisitions or just saying no, and cand share with me pls.
    • Lynnkk wrote:

      (...) This come, cause I love Albion Online but there's no Lore (...)

      Hey, have you checked out this? maybe you can expand your world based on this!

      I also know that there is a book called "Landfall (The Tales Of Albion)" (you can find it on amazon), but I don't know how "canon" it is. However there seems to have good reviews, like this one:

      Display Spoiler

      I quite enjoyed the book. I was a bit hesitant to get the book. I am an
      Albion Online fan, and I was worried that a book produced on a sandbox
      MMO would be a bit lacking. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

      The book followers the journey of two groups who came to Albion to stake
      out their claim. However, their ships never make it to the docks and
      they wash up ashore. The book follows the journey of these two groups
      who must figure out how to survive and prosper in the harsh wilderness
      of Albion. The two groups conduct business very differently, and its
      quite enjoyable to see the contrast.

      As for the writing, its often light heated and comical. I could predict most of the story, but
      some things caught me off guard. I think the writer's style is great and
      I will definitely look into other books he wrote.

      If you play Albion Online, this book incorporates the world of Albion into a fun
      story. If you aren't an Albion fan, it's a fantasy story with a little
      bit of a twist on how magic works in a vast unexplored new land.

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    • Neesh wrote:

      Hey, have you checked out this? maybe you can expand your world based on this!
      Yes yes my idea comes with using that data as background to tell the players about the world. But sorry I write it wrong, when im saying no lore, my point not a Livin World Lore ingame with quests or event which change the decisions, implements, etc. of the future content.

      For example, if the new Faction system /changes comes with a event where the best faction in X time, have some impact on a new content cause they change the world I could use that like my players are part of that factions and give made my own quests around that faction for that final goal.

      But still need the answer if I could made a homebrew oneshot or campaign of tabletop role playing game with the wotld of Albion (and upload on youtube) or not for license things.