The Haunting Pictures of Albion

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    • The Haunting Pictures of Albion

      This contest has ended. For the winner announcement, please see here.


      As the bell tolls, signalling the coming of Allhallows, we received an anonymous letter imploring us to find the most haunting pictorial storyteller in the lands of Albion, who will be rewarded handsomely for their skills!

      • Below you will find a bunch of images detailing various scenes and locations in Albion
      • Rearrange these images in any way you like and create your very own haunting Albion story with a short accompanying text based on them
      • You can use as few or as many of the images we have provided as you want
      • Submit your entry by posting in this thread by Friday, 30 October 2020, 10:00 UTC

      • Multiple entries are allowed
      • The text should be no longer than 300 words - lest you risk the wrath of our mysterious benefactor!
      • No vulgar submissions, though this should already be covered under: In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules

      • The winner will receive the Horse Macabre AND Jack O' Donkey mount skins AND 3 months of Premium Status
      • The first runner up will receive the Horse Macabre mount skin AND 2 months of Premium Status
      • The second runner up will receive the Jack O' Donkey mount skin AND 1 month of Premium Status
      *Premium Status will be granted on a character of the winning players' choice

      Happy haunting, everyone!


    • Mourning the death of his lover and life long adventuring partner Stephanie, Sir Fragment sought out the Everlasting Sprit, in an attempt to bring Stephanie back from the dead. The Everlasting Spirit told Sir Fragment that he would need to seek out the Three Sisters, three of the most powerful sorceresses known to man.

      Upon reaching the Three Sisters, they cackled at Sir Fragment, but said they were willing to make a deal with him. All he had to do was create a special potion and consume it under the midnight sky on Halloween.

      Sir Fragment mixed the potion, just as he was asked and headed out into the night.

      Upon consuming the potion, all of the Jack-O-Lanterns that had been carved by the residents of Albion sprang to life.

      The potion had turned Sir Fragment's body in to a vessel for possession by demonic forces, the Three Sisters were planning to use him to help release Morgana.

      The Divine Paladins heard the news of the demonic creature and formed a party to vanquish this new foe.

      After a long night of fighting, the Divine Paladins subdued the demon, tied it to a post and burned it on a bonfire.

      They then cut the demon's head off and placed the body in an unmarked coffin.

      The leader of the Divine Paladins then hid the head at the centre of a corrupted dungeon, in hope that the resident demonic forces would prevent anyone from ever successfully retrieving the head.

      After years of searching, The Three Sisters eventually found the remains of the body and placed it under the guard of the 'Morgana Tormentor'.

      Rumour has it that every Halloween, Sir Fragment's headless body roams the dungeon, searching for his head, with the hope of reuniting with his lover

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    • "Hakon the enraged knight"

      In a distant kingdom known as "Munten Fell" there was for many years had lived in war with the worshipers of Morgana

      Hakon the most courageous knight and leader of his army, at the request of his king was about to face his most fearful enemy, "Torturer - Barliargos"……93861f0b8eb0d463c83b67a2f

      A war that lasted for months was fought in the worst ways and Hakon slowly found himself isolated from his companions in which they perished one by one

      Although alone after months of struggle, Hakon continued bravely until his last breath in mind that his duty and sacrifice for his kingdom was being honored.

      After so much fighting his arms couldn't take it anymore and his body didn't respond as he wanted

      Instead of being killed on the spot, Barliargos decided to capture Hakon to be his torture toy

      From that moment on Hakon was never seen by his kingdom again and his body was never found.

      Without the knowledge of his capture and the sudden disappearance of his captain, the King considered the failure of Hakon to be a desertion. Spreading the humiliation
      of his name everywhere in his reign…93861f0b8eb0d463c83b67a2f

      Hakon was held captive and tortured for 20 years and Barliargos always remembered the rumors that his King made in his name. And after so many years his hatred and regret for trying to save those who incriminated him and the tortures he faced knowing that they had meant nothing and his honor was destroyed, was buried in an unnamed tomb lost in the void.…93861f0b8eb0d463c83b67a2f

      2 years after his death on the same date. When the King leaves by car for an evening stroll, when crossing the castle bridges he finds himself with a mysterious black cloak thrown to the ground…93861f0b8eb0d463c83b67a2f

      Hakon returned from the dead to take revenge on the entire royal family who mysteriously disappeared forever that cold night.
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    • In the mists of Albion someone is plotting something terrible!

      They are searching far and wide, but for what purpose we ask...

      Something is changing in the lands of Albion, something we know nothing about, something we have never seen before.

      The old factions are preparing for something big. They are scared, more scared than they ever were!

      Some days have passed and everyone started getting restless with no information available on what was happening until every farmer in town started being attacked by their own crops.

      What had happened the townsfolk asked, such thing never happened before. Little did they know Hallowskull... HAD... BEEN... SUMMONED!

      What will you do adventurer? Will you perish or fight the menace until you become one with the pumpkins? mWaaHaaaHaaaHaaa

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    • The tragedy of Allhollows keep: A bards tale.

      Let me tell you a story of old,
      where the night is at its darkest and gust of sheer cold.
      In a place where fiends,witches and horrors sleep,
      also known as Allhollows Keep.

      Once there was a man, walking with a burden
      in the land of snow and the damned.
      On his back, a body as pale as snow,
      He had carry his wife's husk wherever he had to go.

      After days treading the mountains of Sterling,
      Allhollow's keep was in sight and waiting.
      Outside is nothing but rot and decay
      but inside was bright as day
      Halls of pumpkins light the way.

      Pass the great halls and lower he went,
      pass creatures that hell had sent.
      Infront of ominous statues that he seek
      he placed his wife's body on his lap for he was weak.

      A screech was heard
      Light streaked
      A ghostly apparition started to speak
      "What you yearn has a cost, for a soul to be awakened, the life of others has to be forsaken."

      The man knew what it needs,
      to bring back the time he had with his wife together
      murder was the answer.

      The man continued to offer pieces of his victims to the apparition
      he didn't know he was on his own path of damnation
      On one night he had lost all of his humanity,
      forgot what was the reason for his atrocities.

      On a cold night on a certain day of year,
      a man resembling he, appears
      but it is only a shadow of the man of who he used to be
      as he wears the pumpkin heads that lines the halls of Allhollows Keep.

      Meanwhile, in a forgotten coffin,
      consuming the souls of the forsaken
      his wife slowly awakens.
      The haunting beckons.

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    • The Elixir of Eternal Life was created by an alchemist.

      But his own soul was consumed in the process.

      Knights are searching.

      But the also the Witchs.

      Burn, Burn, Burn the Witchs.

      Many noble warriors died trying to find.

      They say the secret is with magical pumpkins.

      But they also say the thirst for blood from the pumpkins.

      The Elixir could be hold by a summoned servant.

      But the real danger, lies in the hell, if the Elixir of Eternal Life fall into the wrong hands, we will all be doomed!!!

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    • Life saving soup

      Well, In albion there is a lot of things to fear, dancing queen, bandits, tax and of course my wife. She is hungry as hell, she needs some pumpkin soup. And this place have a lot of pumpkins. But, I'm looking for that living pumpking buddy that smiles evereyday at me when I pass by his castle. He looks yummy, periodt. I dont really know what does he do with that axe. Anyways, I need his pumpkins. Ill just ask him for some pumpkins.

      Well, this did not go well, he was angry as hell (literally=) that I asked him for pumpkins. He tried to kill me with his axe. It was though battle but I killed him afterall.His wife will be thankful, I'm sure. I took that pumpking and some others because my combat mule was hungry too, I cant risk my mage cowl being eaten by that stupid little horse.

      On the way back from his castel some scary ass pumpkins chased me away. I dont know how did he summon them, he is dead. Well I hope these are not his children. They look spooky.

      I need to smoke that pumpkin cause my wife likes it extra bitter, she is one of a kind. Lets hope I dont summon any demons while smoking it.

      Here it is! I need to add some veggies and meat and, Ill be fine for today. Apparently my wife "summoned" her friends too, I hope they will enjoy my soup.

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    • for a while a chemistry researcher was being too greedy on his experiments

      he got to a point where he could even raise the dead

      but after being captured by his own undead army

      he faces upon a creature he will never forget

      he tryed to find a way to escape

      but all he found was death

      the witches made a sacrifice to get him back

      bringing all of his body but with missing a head

      now all he wants is revenge, but becareful he is dead.
    • This is an old myth,
      As undying and ancient,
      As the armies of Merlyn.

      Rowan O’ Lantern, a ghost, a nightmare,
      That haunts wanderers in the forest deeps.
      Emerged from darkness, in this hallowed night,
      To tell us the story that brought him here.

      This is the story of Rowan Ahandull,
      The oddest of the sorcerers at the service of the king,
      Who, on the night Morgana’s forces attacked,
      Was outside, studying alchemy, and then heard a terrible scream,
      He entered the house, and she was dead, with a portal to demons’ realm,
      Connected by blood to his dead wife’s skin.

      He raged, he cried; a simple burial was made
      He felt madness whipping his sides,
      A wrath that no man has ever seen.
      However, he denied. He promised she would live.

      Excalibur broke, and the old kingdom died,
      Yet, he somehow managed to survive.

      In the old catacombs, he tried to bring her back,

      Many souls awoken, but Morgana took his wife’s.

      He visited Morgana’s Fortress, seeking revenge.
      There were demons inside, he was no rival for them.
      Feeling worthless, reality ate his pride.

      Yet the priestesses of Morgana had a plan.
      Suffering was necessary to bring demons to this land.

      They decided to make him serve, and summoned pumpkins to whisper him death.

      He severed his own head with an iron axe, and a pumpkin took its place.

      He was dead and alive,
      The pumpkin stole his sense,
      And put him to serve the Mistress of the damned.

      Dehumanized, he was banished to a new land.
      Now he wanders, telling the tale,
      Sending the ones who listen to feed demons in hell.

      If you ever transport treasures,
      Along Lymhurst’s pleasant creeks
      Stay away from Rowanwood
      Where the spirit of Rowan whispers your death among the trees.
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)

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    • This is my entry, let's all get started.
      But readers be warned, don't be fainthearted.

      The time of Allhallows, is upon us again.
      The time to hide your family, and all your friends.

      The season that's cursed, by something sinister.

      The season that's feast, for the three sisters.

      Spirits possess, and they will start haunting.
      Most dangerous of all, are the flying pumpkins.

      These horrors are truly, the thing you should fear.
      For they turn you against, all you hold dear.

      A doctor named walter, fell prey to these ghosts.

      And so he became, one of their hosts.

      His mind was possessed, and his will imprisoned.

      Nightmare and torture, was what he envisioned.

      When his nightmare ended, he'd see what he'd done.
      He'd taken the life, of his beloved one.

      For taking revenge, he now had the rights.
      He founded this day, the Spooky Knights.

      Hunting bad spirits, was the name of their game.
      Hopefully others, would be spared his pain.

      Allhallows was now, forever at ease.

      Hopefully now, Jane could rest in peace.

      The End.
    • On Halloween night, an experienced alchemist's daughter died.

      He put the body of his daughter in a coffin located in a dark dense forest.

      But the father could not so easily say goodbye to his daughter, and deciding to resurrect her, he went to the three sisters.

      But the sisters refused him saying that they did not care about such a person, and then the alchemist went to his friend Billy, who did not think for a long time, he agreed to help an old friend(after all, he had long wanted to take revenge on the followers of Morgana because they made him a necromancer)
      Together commanding an army of thousands of undead knights defeated the followers and the father brought his daughter back to life.
      But they could not even think that they destroyed only a small group of followers and the real evil lies in the very depths of this world and one day it will break free and take revenge on everyone for the years of imprisonment in the dark.

    • Once there was Demonic Pumpkin, whom has sworn to defeat the Royal Continent of Albion, he had a plan to kill the royal king and take his loot away

      The royal guards have tried to protect the kingdom, however, with no success, the Demonic Pumpkin has had his masterpiece gear on.

      Using his amazing abilities, Demonic Pumpkin has killed the guards and the king included, after which he ran away deep in the outposts.

      The Black Panther - the king's only brother came to the castle looking at the disaster which has happened, knowing who has done it with pumpkin leftovers being on the floor, obviously he has went on a quest to kill the murderer.

      After a few years the chase has come to an end, the Black Panther being full geared and an experienced fighter has murdered the Demonic Pumpkin cold blooded, and has taken his head to the kingdom for everyone to see.

      Demonic Pumpkin's head was in the entrance to the kingdom for everyone to see, deliberately outside the grave since he deserves no respect at all.

    • Однажды младший брат правителя, искал силы что бы свергнуть короля и стать правителем.

      Вычитав в книгах о трёх ведьмах, что могут дать силу если заключить с ними сделку, он их отыскал,

      Ведьмы согласились дать ему зелье, но при условии что тело правителя, он принесёт в их гробницу.

      Получив силу что он так желал, он сразился в со своим братом и убил его.

      Принеся тело своего брата в гробницу, о которой говорили ведьмы. Он увидел что из тела появился озлобленный дух его старшего.

      После появления этого духа, все в этой гробнице начали оживать, а дух правителя обратился в главного озлобленного стража, что без промедления сразу убил своего младшего.

      Так и закончилась история младшего брата что убил своего старшего.