Someone Pls Explain the State of the Economy

    • Every city has it's own crafting bonuses that can escalate up to almost 50% return rate (using focus). You can see those bonuses when you check the city plan and click on the arrow at the top right corner. Also you can fill journals which you can then give to laborers whose will come back after 22 hours and bring you back some resources. Those laborers you can place into the houses that you can build on your personal island.
    • SirT wrote:

      They way things are now, for 90% of craftable items, the raw materials are worth about twice as much as the finished product. How is this supposed to be normal? Like any other game would be in full panic mode.
      Simple, economy is corrupted - see topic above about cartel.

      Economy is ignored by DEVs and they allow evyrthing bad as long as their cash from silver/premium dont stop.

      But for starter:

      Every city have bonus to craft different things which will give you some resources back. So for example you gather 100 resources you process them and get 120 then you craft not 120 but 145 and when crafting using craft books which is worth something on market - thats "allow" you to lower price. But since economy is broken you MUST do this to be able to profit but sicne everyoen is doing this prices are a joke. Many old timers have xx alts and billions silver and they simply can ruin you with low prices (illegal in real world) and they probably are in guild which control many zones so resources are theirs and you must buy. TOpic is very long and more you calculate, more problems you will see. And since DEVs ignore all that and just allow few ppl to mafia style manage all cities then have no hope :)
    • The reason SO many items is way below price except for those high chase items due to a few reasons
      Though most of the pain can be balanced with "crafting bonus""Focus crafting""T6 and above excellent/masterpiece""Carleon black market"
      but for most items which do not see the light of day often do not get "trashed" in pvp leading to some markets over saturate with them causing the prices to drop

      Prices in cities are normally balanced around 4 factors:
      + small price drop: dungeon drops (people who want to sell item drops but do not want to take effort to go to black market)
      + Large price drop: Price setters (crafters who craft and sell in the city in bulk causing a price setting effect making everyone else to price below him)
      + small price Increase: Quick buyers (people who cannot wait for buy orders)
      + Large price Increase: Buy orders (by people who want to stock up sets /mass buy to sell black market/ mass buy to study for crafting)

      Also on a side note the reason why anyone who want to start crafting have a hard time making profits is because veterans crafters has perfected their efficiency through t8 laboror, cost calculation, material sources(steady prices) from guild mates, refiners from alt accounts, higher resource return rates in black zone crafting (yes you can get up to 15% more resource return rate compared to royal zones) all add up to making items cost less than half their material costs cause they can make 2 items with the same amount of items it takes a new crafter to make 1.

      i know this is cause i can make 1.4 items per base material cost (safest i can get without risking too much)
      which leads me to netting 3000 silver per item made. using around 90 focus per item made

      passive income of around > 0.6 mil every 2 days. more than enough to pay for your premium costs per month through pure sustain and still make a profit.
      i know there are many crafters out there who put in more time and effort via self refining and transport to stuff to diffrent cities to maximise profits but i prefer to just spend 30 mins every day managing my island and crafting and not over 2 hour refining price checking transporting and then setting up sell orders in every city.

      trust me those players who craft t8 weapons in particular spread out their goods in every city to maximize profits cause profit margins can become very wide when u make t8 excellent and masterpieces

      just for example bow crafting with lymhurst blackzone RRR and laborors they make almost 20k(outstanding) to 60k(excellent) silver profit per bow crafted but their profits come slow cause t8 items sell slow compared to t6 items

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    • Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

      Did you factor in focus? How about journals?
      Focus yes i factor in. journals also i factor them in my calculation.
      In fact without focus, journals and labourors crafting would not be as profitable cause while selling filled journals is consider decent money but if u use them and get back resource and use those resource to craft AGAIN then the cost of one item will reach below half its original cost.

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    • I have 5 crafting alts, they all make money for their premium and more that I spend on my main character. Sell certain items to BM and certain to players. And regarding the cartel... I just send a ton of ingame mail and ask for associates, maybe I was lucky but j have never been asked to pay a fee to have associate.
    • The economy in general is in a very bad state, items simply don't get trashed fast enough.
      For example, a guy that does HCE needs a high end suit, he will never loose it, because HCE is not in any pk zone, this is a big flaw in game design if u ask me :)
      With the influx of resources from ava roads, the market is flooded with too many very easy to get resources.
      Resource return from journals also has a huge impact on the economy, they are way too easy to fill compared to none crafting journals, and are as others have mentioned part of the "cost" from when crafting items.
      Journals gives resources that shouldn't be in the game, this has a huge impact on the gatherers, and drives the prices down. said in other words, game is generating something that shouldt be there, thats a big game flaw, and has been exploited to an extreme level.
      Consumables are in a "better" state in the sense, that they get out of the marked faster because when you eat a pie, its gone.
      And thank god, that we don't have any laborers for that.
      There are also other factors like user fee on stations, specs, i won't go into these, think they are covered in this thread, i will say thou that unless you have billions to get max spec, don't bother with crafting.