Black hands second punch bug

    • Black hands second punch bug

      Hello dear SBI,

      I'm playing black hands in corrupted donjons and I can affirm that Black hands are bugged. The second hit of the E bug 1/4 times, it hit but it don't do any damage and it don't bump the ennemy.
      People say : "You cancel your E" but I'm sure that I don't cancel, I tested it. Then if you can patch it to do black hands a weapon with no bugs, that would be very nice :saint: !
      Thanks a lot and I hope it will be patched :) !
    • Let me say that if everybody knows it, why it is not patched ?

      I did some other research and I found two issues :

      1. The crowd control duration affect with the type of armor (plates, cloth, etc.) and it bug because of that. ( I could see that it bugged more on plate armor)

      2. When you are really close to the ennemy and you use your E, the E didn't work because you are too close.

      I think that's the second issue.

      I couldn't do a video to explain because the file is too big sorry...