Tooltip Improvements

    • Hey @Shakul57

      Warm welcome to the community, I really like how you created the tooltips above. Holding a balance between being discriptive of the effects and workings but still aiming to bring the fantasy of the skill to life. It's a hard balance to maintain.

      Something to note is, that the new tooltips can't be created by only looking at the already exisiting description. In some cases the current ones lack important details or effects of a spell.

      Here are some tooltips which lack important details: (there are probably a couple more)
      - Hush: Doesn't mention the silence takes some time to activate after the normal attack.
      - Deadly Swipe: Gives you an Assassin Spirit stack that works different than the Assassin Spirit stacks you get from the Skill "Assassin Spirit"
      - Mark of Sacrifice & Taunt: These spell buffs the "Damage vs. Player" modifier, which should be mentioned specifically.

      Like @Bogul mentioned aswell, create clear terms and rules on vocabulary so future tooltips can be build using this vocabulary.
      Current exampels could be, where is the difference between "Cast time: 0s" and "Cast time: instant" ? ?(

      Or what is exactly the "melee" description on the Range in a tooltip. The skill "Heavy Cleave" reaches quite far.

      With this this post comes to an end :) A lot of good Feedback was already given by other players in this post.

      Good luck!

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    • The Specter Jacket "Self-Ignition" ability does not specify the duration of the toggled ability, seems like that is an important piece of information.

      The bleed damage on various axe abilities isn't specified as either physical, magical, or true damage. Would be nice to know which damage type it is. Example: Rending Strike/Swing, Morgana Raven, etc.

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      Just pointing out when you revise tooltips take note of some skill aspects that need clarity.

      Damage type (highlight in colour)
      skill duration
      Skill area and area indicator
      Total possible damage output on single target (fire and curse need this)
      Bold the things that can scale with IP

      Also something fun to add is how much Increase in stats/damage per 100 IP the items get
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      Draedark wrote:

      As others have said, welcome!

      I agree with making sure the tool-tips are easy to understand, even at a glance. Some have suggested different colors for damage types and I think that is a great idea.

      I would also like to see a distinction made, perhaps in font or dressing, between the stats that are affected by item power and those that are not.

      Hopefully this could bleed over into items such as armor and not just on skill tool tips.

      Also, I would focus on relaying the information in a few words as possible, and avoid overly embellishing.

      Thank you.
      10000% this