Draedark's Ultimate Albion Online PvP Challenge!

    • Should be at least allowed to level to t3 or t4. Otherwise totally pointless, Innless you got lucky and happen to get last hit on a person already being killed theres nothing a broken naked dude can do. Allow leveling to t3 or t4 should be t4 atleast and allow to craft your own gear then maybe people willl give it a shot.
    • So the deadline is here, Brimstone & Mist is live.

      If you have any videos to submit, please post a link or PM me. Thanks!

      I will give folks until this Monday to submit, I would like to announce the winner on Monday the 26th.

      And if you missed the official tournament, please do not think that prevents you from trying the challenge on your own and proving that YOU TOO ARE AN ULTIMATE ALBION ONLINE PVPER!
      Are you a PvPer or a RAT? Take my PvP Challenge and find out!
    • So since there were no videos submitted for review, unfortunately nobody can be named the winner and Ultimate Albion Online PvPer.

      We did however learn a lot and have some good discussion around which activities may be considered acceptable for a participant to do during a PvP event.

      doing PvE for fame
      doing PvE for silver
      doing PvE for items
      skilling/gearing up to level X before PvPing
      hiring a ringer
      executing a defenseless downed player
      intentionally using mobs to fight for them
      blind luck
      killing an afk player

      Thank you to anyone who attempted but did not submit a video. There were a few who had claimed to in this thread. For you, and anyone who may still dare to try the challenge on their own. Know that as you go about your business, be it PvE or PvP or any of the above activities, you can chuckle to yourself at that player calling you a "rat", because you know who the true rats really are!
      Are you a PvPer or a RAT? Take my PvP Challenge and find out!