Market UI

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    • Hello,

      This might have been mentioned before, didnt go through all the pages

      In my free time at work, or somewhere else i'd like to jump into albion and make some market buy/sells. My problem is that the market UI seems to be too small(playing on samsung s9) and i am having a hard time touching those very little buttons. As a suggestion/improvement would be really nice to make that UI bigger, or those small buttons larger.
      There is a picture of my example:
    • Yes, I know there is a Zoom function, but there are lots of space not used by the market UI. And even the screen is zoomed, the buttons like (+) and (-) are still too small.

      Would SBI make the text and the UI larger?

      Moreover, in tthe Zoom interface, if user would like to filter items by category, they can't if the option is go below the screen. If the user drag the zoomed screen, the category menu will gone because the UI treated the drag action as cancellation of the menu. Please help.