Developing character - stagnation

    • Developing character - stagnation

      Hey guys, i have started playing Albion around 2 weeks ago. I have initially focused entirely on gathering. At the moment I have T6 iron gatherer skill and T7 fire staff gear (i am doing dungeon as a side thing from gathering). I purchased island i got it up to level 4 and started focusing on crops. Beside that I have around 7mln silver and I was wondering what are the next steps i should take in the game. Gathering ore of lvl 6 is not viable in my opinion since on T6 map there are plenty of people and resources are almost always depleted + time i need to get to T6 map and risk of getting ganked is much higher than in T5 zones. Also the value of runite is only twice higher than titanium.

      Dungeons seem to an option to go to gain fame and loot but i am wondering if there is any other content I can do except gathering and doing dungeons all day. I was also wondering what should i use silver for since i am buying premium for IRL money and the items i use for doing dungeons are not that expensive so in case i die i can easily regear.

      Any advices are welcome.

      Thank you.

    • Hey there.

      It's always important to think about what you as a player want to achieve.

      - Some people want to be crafters. they want to create masterpieces and gear that people run around with.
      - Others just play Albion to chill, they log in for a few hours and just gather or fish.
      - Then there is the people that like combat, most players that like PvE, love PvP even more. If you are not looking for guild play and potential 5v5 up to ZvZ then you can still show off your skill in Corrupted Dungeons and gain infamy to climb the leaderboards, or be a gatherers nightmare by ganking them in their comfort zone.

      A mix is always very healthy,. If you feel confident in your money-making you can take bigger risks for bigger rewards, it's just important that you enjoy it.

      Possible PvP encounters:
      Corrupted Dungeons - 1v1
      Hellgates 2v2 & 5v5
      Crystal GvG 5v5
      Open-World Fighting (any size)