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    • Easy Anti-Cheat Troubleshooting Guide

      Hi everyone,

      In cases where you are blocked by EAC from logging into the game, please try the following steps:
      • Uninstall the tools that are causing the problem (hint: you should see an additional message at the bottom of the window, stating the reason you are blocked)
      • Run a malware or virus scan
      • Update all your drivers
      • Repair game client
      • Uninstall the game and reinstall a fresh copy of it via
      • Add Albion Online to your antivirus' list of exclusions
      • Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file and repair service
      • Make sure you are starting the game via launcher or launch_albion_online.exe file
      • Check the specific issue guide on EAC support page and try their suggested solutions
      If the issue still persists, please contact EAC support. You can find your Account ID by going to your Albion Online profile page and locating it under ‘Account Information’.

      - Mytherceria & Support Team

    • "virtualization software detected." message started popping today for me and one other guildie. i didnt change anything in my computer for the last month at least.

      i have no clue what this means. there is no google result.

      thank you for messing us with this kind of company.

      now i disabled all the tray programs on windows 10 and i still get the error.. hah.

      there is no solution.. i m stopping playing this game again. thanks.

      update: today after uninstalling some "might be" related "sound" virtualization tools i was able to stay in the game. you gotta tell eac people to give detailed info in those error messages. the tools i tell you, were installed to my machine at least 6 months ago.

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    • DracoAM wrote:

      Sherramant wrote:

      Ubuntu 20.04.
      Clean installation of the game.
      Albion Online Launcher screen
      Server is online (green)
      Play button
      0% till 100%
      Login screen
      Login button
      Connecting .... Failed to connect to server. Please, try again.
      Same here, on windows 10!


      If you are still experiencing this issue, can you please contact and send them the following information, so that our devs can investigate?
      • The results of "tracert" in the command prompt
      • Output_log.txt file: This should be copied right after the failure otherwise it will override the file next time you start the game. You can find it here:
        • Windows: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Sandbox Interactive GmbH\Albion Online Client\output_log.txt (note that AppData is a hidden folder so you should have "Hidden Items" checked in your View tab to see it)
        • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/SandboxInteractive/AlbionOnline/Player.log

      Thank you,

      - Mytherceria


    • Games has been fine all week then all of a sudden i see this ever 60 seconds computer hasent been restarted in like 4 days nothing new installed stopped today to watch netflix then when i log back in i get this is there a way to check what the "botting tool" is meant to be so i can stop it or uninstall so i can actually play the game would be great