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    • quality of life

      bug/fix it:
      why is it when I was 2000/2000 and the boss was out in my CD yesterday, that a invader invaded my dungeon, of course he killed me too.
      but how did he get in when it was support to be closed? the boss was out before the invader animation took place. the right side GUI no longer showed searching for dungeon and was also 2000/2000 telling me to go kill the boss..
      this happened right when i finished the 2000/2000 bar. it wasn't like i sat around for 5min then got raided... it was 2000/2000 completed, kill the boss, boss spawned, invaded.... like i was still in the matchmaking queue and it matched me after the fact...
      bottom line to me, is its bad coding and needs to be tweaked a little to work as intended, this is not working as intended.

      no one finds it fun to click on 1k silver bags or tomes, or any type for those consumables... some people download programs to remap their mouse scroll wheels to clicking, BECAUSE CLICKING IS THAT ANNOYING
      So I ask SBI this question. honestly. and I would love an answer as to why use all, consume all, or whatever 1-button click mechanic that CAN be implemented into the game... isn't in the game yet STILL... WHY SBI ? a good long logical answer of why this isn't in the game please. we, the community, would love to hear your honesty, a real communication between community and game. Why is it, that every play has to click these bags one by one???

      If we took 100% of albion online players, and said listen here you have 1 choice....
      SBI will either.....


      - work on quality of life changes, like loot all, use all, store all, etc.
      - clicking loot on the ground and not having it bring of the layers of crafting behind it
      - simplified journals / restocking system. so restocking laborers and farms can be done with a few clicks ( instead of click this locker, accept the goods, drag the new book over, click accept, run the the next one) repeating it 33 times..66 times... 99 times.. etc ppl have lots of workers. you know you can even make a butler that silver sinks and eases the tedious system you have in place of run to one, flip it, run to one flip it, run to one flip it. that isn't fun. it's a fucking annoying tedious daily chore that leads to burnout, because it isn't fun..... it's like... cool 1.0 version of the system.... but uhhh it's been awhile... where is 2.0? we should be on 3.0 by now? you dragging your feet or just don't see the logic of: ' oh this isn't fun, how can we make it a more enjoyable experience? '
      - selling items on marketplace with ease ! imagine listing your whole inventory for sale with a couple clicks. not click click -1 silver click. repeats x 48 times... *facepalm* PREVENTABLE IF SBI CODED IT ! also think of how many ppl are holding items they don't want... but selling them is a pain so they let it sit because the thought of having to sell/list items is a thing.. haha these people in the game have chests and chests filled with loot, but selling it give them a thought of 'oh i don't want to do that' you don't want to sell items in the game and make money? well you gotta list them all... then they get under/overcut... then you gotta relist them all... hahah cmon a better system can surely exist...
      - buying labor books in bulk, no longer one by one spam
      - unique looking skill icons for every skill in the game. no more LAZY copy pasta pictures over several skills.
      - a clearer / cleaner more accurate destiny board than what we have now..
      - "AND MORE!! ...." ( I have more ideas, trust me, lots more )


      - rework the royals.

      well with Option A, it's faster... cheaper... and can arguably be a better update that will affect more players and what will ppl complain about option A? not even complain, but will option A negatively affect ANYONE? can they even complain about anything? ( other than a bug on your end ) also think.... I'm not the only person who's asked for this over the years........YEARS

      and with Option B: takes longer, costs more what will it really do? does it affect everyone? prolly not, some will just keep living in their hideouts in the mist. maybe change econ around and/or be a pseudo nerf/buff for net worth loot/fame gains, how many ppl will like/dislike the new royals change? will option B negatively affect ANYONE? most likely yes. whether it's from increase travel distance when running on foot.... more hostile transports? what I'm getting at is there will be those who like and those who dislike option B.

      now that you see option A and option B you can see... option B is coming... and who asked for a royals remapping?.... who ?????????????
      and over the years the numbers of people asking for things such as options A? why are these and other good ideas that would affect the game in a positive way, not in the game? it even affects more ppl in the game..