Tweaking the safety of solo dungeons in the black zone

    • Tweaking the safety of solo dungeons in the black zone

      I think I have a compromise for red and black zone solo dungeons that would also encourage/reward playing with a friend:

      Restrict solo dungeons to two people. This does a number of things:
      1) ensures a fair fight if someone is dove.
      2) maintains the risk/reward balance of farming in red and black zones
      3) encourages playing with a buddy by guaranteeing safety at the cost of fame and loot (since it gets split)
      3a) even as the diver, it helps to run with a buddy to let each other know whether the portal despawns when the other enters.
      4) still allows for quick turnover of spawning new dungeons during peak hours since there will at most be one other person entering the dungeon before it despawns to make room for another dungeon
      5) brings back the thrill of running solos in the black zone.

      Personally, I like farming high tier solos in peace, and I've definitely taken advantage of this, but I do miss the thrill of knowing I could be dove at any second. I tried out CD's but it's just not the same. For one, it's not a linear dungeon, so it's less of a race to the end. For another, the mobs are incredibly annoying and the traps are just cancerous. It's clearly built for a PvP scenario. I'm more of a PvE guy, but I like the occasional fight. And last but not least, the obtrusive warning you get when being dove in corrupted dungeons takes away the thrill of it.

      TLDR: I miss the thrill of being dove in solo dungeons, but agree that 1vX diving is toxic for the game. Limit solos to 2 players to strike a balance between risk/reward and bring back the content.