Retrieving Items from guild bank after being kicked or guild being disbanded

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    • Retrieving Items from guild bank after being kicked or guild being disbanded

      I joined this small guild (X_X) guild leader (simon23b) and I used the guild bank to store my items. Two days ago I think the guild got disbanded or I was kicked I'm not sure and now I can't retrieve my items.
      The guild leader removed me from friend list and discord server.
      What should I do now to get my items back ?!?!
    • Im afraid you cant. Theyre lost unless you can somehow contact the leader and ask for a temporary invite back, or perms to the island. If thats not possible then the gear is gone.
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    • LiinXx wrote:

      I contacted him and he gave me perms to the island but the storage was empty, wat does that mean ?
      Then you either didn't store your items there, Or he remade the guild island, I hope he wasn't some kind of scammer who created a guild tab and gave players access to that tab so players would add items to it so he could steal them, This is the only way the items could be missing, Otherwise the "bank" tab is private and only you can take the items. Though if he didn't remake the guild island he could easy make a tab called "Bank" and hoped players added items to it thinking it was there private tab. You must always make sure your using a private tab. Also I recommend storing your items on your own island or in the city banks as it doesn't depend on the guild. I would wait to join a guild that you know is going to be around a long time before using there things. Like guild islands, HO's because you can get locked out of theses things. Make sure the guild is stable be in the guild for a bit before using such bank spots. I recommend making an ALT char and making a guild for the guild island so you can make your own guild bank tabs for nice storage options. This way you know its in your control. You do not need prem to make guild islands. Also your main doesn't need to be in the guild you make to have access to the guild island or bank tabs you make, You just need to give your main access through the permission system.. Guild tabs are much longer than normal ones so this is why i recommend this.

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