Still some animation doesn't appear.

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    • Still some animation doesn't appear.

      Even if my spell indicator is on, it's really really really hard to PvP. I changed my settings to high to low, just to be sure it wasn't my phone's problem but still I'm getting that issue. I got no problems with the freeze or lags it's just the animation doesn't appear sometimes. I hope this issue will be fix soon

      More powers!
    • MobileThor wrote:i agree, same for me.

      Its pretty much „always“ after ive entered a major city, though i dont have any Performance issues (iPad Pro).

      this should really be a focus, since its pretty much makes endgame pvp and pve unplayable.

      I figured it out, you just need to find the sweet spot settings on your device. Mine is Huawei Nova5T
      my settings are;

      • Resolution - 1052x509
      • FRS - Vsync
      • Visual Quality - Normal
    • Unless it's a high clutter environment like large scale zvz or raid/ava dungeon, spell indicators have been resolved for the most part for me.

      Some spell effects such priestess healing circles and benivere spinny swords remain invisible from time to time. But I found that doing a quick relog upon entering the ava dungeon prevents the above stated hiccups.

      Haven't had issues in small scale pvp.

      Also make sure your prefabs are on ultra.

      Video options are a little screwy from time to time so always relog after changing anything to be doubly sure.