Making Pancakes Looks for new Members !

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    • Making Pancakes Looks for new Members !

      Hello everyone, :D
      We are currently looking for new members for our guild who are active and Keen to Farm and fight with us.
      Our guild is located in Bridgewatch but we mostly play around arthurs rest in the black zone.
      We are an Alliance of Bacon, with agreements in place with Clap.
      We have access to multiple black zones T5 - T8with loads of hideouts in every zone to provide safety when Farming.
      Our team is a multicultural guild with great friendships from all over the world.
      We run lots of ZvZ, HCE, Gathering, Outpost, Ganking and Castles.
      If you have discord (Requirement only for guild activities) and This sounds like a guild you would like to be apart of
      or if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop us a message in game / w Fordiboy or also / w Corpekills.
      We are also looking for guilds to merge with for the next season to become even stronger then we already are.
      We look forward to hearing from you. 8)