• URGENTLY asking SBI to check BLACK MARKET NOW

      Please as title says can you guys see if you did something to Black Market?

      Something is weird 100000000000000%.

      I do like 20 30 update orders and I get 1 or 2 sales and thats it. I cannot sell anything I just stockpiled tons of loot from crafting but I am not planning to craft anymore before they take a close look, because I cannot sell things.

      Something is changed I am sure 100%, either there are people with auto update scripts or smh else.

      Black market does show same ammount of items are being sold as always, but maybe its just a bug? Maybe BM thinks he is selling that much but its not true? Real sales are much lower????

      SBI pls answere on this subject.


      I have just checked all unartifact 6.0 6.1 6.2 items. THIS IS FIRST TIME SINCE I AM A CRAFTER, THAT I CANNOT FILL MY JOURNALS WITHOUT LOSSING A BUNCH!

      Literally all, all, all, everything is going down?! What's happening?!?!?!?!

      SBI if you dont do something economy is going to crash.

      Solutions: a) Lower mat prices; b) Buff the loot, so BM will eat more per hour!

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    • Hey @imbafromNorth , could you tell us:
      • are you setting sell orders much higher than current blackmarket blackorders? say blackmarket buy order for the item is set for 1000 silver, you set a sell order for 1500, or you keep the difference minimal?
      • what's the current buy order price of the item
      • how many buy orders for the items there are

      Blackmarket buy orders are being updated quite fast and it will increase in price, which will fulfill some of the sell orders, but someone might insta sell items to blackmarket removing the buy orders, and it will start placing buy orders from scratch with the lowest possible price, increasing the price over time. It's possible that your prices are too high than what's people are will to sell to blackmarket currently.
    • Hey @'Dagother

      Thank for the quick answere!

      All items are in the good spot right now. 70% of items are low to mid range priced and they should go for many. Nothing overpriced.

      I just never experienced this in black market. I literally gave up on updating prices. I think its either somethjing wrong with BM or some people have auto update scripts or something like that.
    • i Post same information 2 days ago and dont have any answers? Black market now buy less items per day its like X3-4 decreased
      Sometimes it takes 1-3 hours for buy only 1 items its doent correct work to my mind
      Some items got x10 decreased buyable previously black market buy 200-300 now 20-30 per day for some items

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    • Dagother wrote:

      imbafromNorth wrote:

      I am 100000000% something is wrong. I updated my items again. 25-35 items (al x5+) and I got 2 sales in first minute, after that just dead..
      Have you checked what's the price on buy orders compared to your sell orders? If someone is selling the same items for lower price than yours then your items won't be sold that often.
      cmon dude previously items have good selling speed like 10-30 per hour now its only 2-5 sometimes black market dont buy items for 4 hours in a row(0 selling items)
    • Dagother wrote:

      imbafromNorth wrote:

      I am 100000000% something is wrong. I updated my items again. 25-35 items (al x5+) and I got 2 sales in first minute, after that just dead..
      Have you checked what's the price on buy orders compared to your sell orders? If someone is selling the same items for lower price than yours then your items won't be sold that often.
      Bro please.

      I've been selling to BM for ages and I know its breath!

      I am telling you something is wrong.

      You know what could it be? These guys from mobiles are sitting in front of BM and updating 24/7 that was my first thought. Or they made some script on mobile to update it self.
    • Caerleon is quite alive on how it looked until recently.
      A lot of people here just stand by BM and watch buy orders and when they approach the lowest sell order, sell, another thing, enough people do flipping the market, CDs that are available from the red zone right next to the city entrance is a huge source of items for BM.
      Various applications that show what is where at what price, etc., maybe even a script that automatically changes the sell order when someone overtakes the person, it's hard to say, for example, a large population that overwhelms BM and he just can't keep up.

      However, I can confirm that it is now much more difficult to sell something on BM than before (that is, if you are not standing there and waiting for an increase in buy orders).
      For a long time I regularly sell a relatively large number of different items a day at BM(tier 6-8), so I know that in the past it was enough for me to check what was sold, what was not sold and give new prices about once a day, and the next day everything was gone.Now they have to renew sell orders of my items 4-5 times a day and even that is not all sold.
      The problem is mainly with the t8, there it is starting to be at such a stage that due to the number of times I have to renew the sell order it slowly ceases to be profitable, because I always pay a fee, in addition, the price of some items is falling insanely, so in a while salvage items will be better than selling in BM(not yet, but if nothing changes ..).
      It's not so bad with the t7 yet, but the same problem is starting to happen in this category as well, prices are going down insanely, and in order to sell something here, one has to stand at BM or update sales orders several times a day and still have no guarantee that something will be sold.
      The best part is about t6, here I think it's still good compared to t7 and t8 items..
    • imbafromNorth wrote:

      I am having issues with T6.
      As I wrote, for me personally, the t6 is still in OK condition, I sell 7-9 pieces of 6.0 a day from each type of items that are in the game (not artifacts and I don't count capes or bags-that's a different story), and practically after throwing on the BM and until my first check(usually after about 4 -5 hours) is 50-60% gone, the rest I have to change sell orders, then after another about 4 hours the rest of the rest is almost all gone and there will be a few pieces which I will change sell orders and in the morning everything is gone, a total of 2-3x I have to change sell orders (sometimes just 2 times is enough) and this is a great condition for me compared to maybe t8.
    • Доброе утро
      Так-же подтверждаю, что с рынком что-то не так. На рынок стабильно выставлял одни и те-же предметы, иногда обновлял цены. За ночь продавалось 80-110 предметов.
      После обновления черного рынка, оставляющий производителя ситуация изменилась.
      За ночь продается 20-30 предметов. Ранее за время обновления цены набиралось 10-15 продаж, на текущий момент могу обновить цену и ничего не продастся, либо продастся 1-2 предмета от силы.
      То-ли совпадение, то-ли, что-то действительно не так после обновы. Продаваемые предметы те-же самые, способ продажи тот-же, но продажи к сожалению мизерные.
    • I haven't really used the BM for a month, and this thread reminded me to go relist all my canceled orders.

      So I relisted about 50% of the stuff, and this morning 80% of it is sold. Which is pretty normal to me,

      It could help if you listed the 30day and 24 hour charts from the pull out for the items you think aren't selling. You don't need to give the name of the item if you want to be a sneaky little trader.

      The thing I did notice is that there were a lot of items that had broken through their monthly averages, and when items start being listed for higher amounts, relative to their Item Value, they just naturally sell much slower.

      For example if an items monthly average is 1000 silver and that is 20x IV, but inventory gets chewed up and the price goes to 2000 silver or 40x IV. Then, at the same player activity levels, it is going to take twice as long to sell each individual item. That is just how the BM works.

      (not to be eaten!)
    • Я сужу по продажам тех товаров, которые стабильно продаю. Именно после обновы у мня перестали продаваться предметы так, как продавались раньше, поэтому я прошу если есть возможность проверить в чем причина. Доказывать мне, что ничего не изменилось нет смысла, т.к я это вижу.
    • После последнего обновления сломался черный рынок, продажи упали очень сильно, а некоторые предметы совсем перестали продаваться. Спецом стоял и сбрасывает ценник по кд и был полный игнор на покупку предметов, тем самым люди постоянно стали снижать цены и дошло до того что уже почти нет смысла везти в Каерлеон крафт.
    • Cannot see any anomalies on black market, if you can please post which items exactly you are selling, what were the prices before and now. Only thing I could think of is black market got more attention because of recent changes in patch #5 and/or some players are selling items for lower prices than before but it doesn't even look like it based on the blackmarket sale history.